Map of Jersey City, New Jersey

Largest Cities in New Jersey

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Jersey City

Jersey City, a town on the banks of the Hudson River in Upper Bay in northeastern New Jersey, USA; 247,600 residents (2010), of which 26% are black. The city has large industrial enterprises, a significant port turnover and a number of higher education institutions. It is part of the New York City metropolitan area and is connected to Manhattan via the Holland Tunnel (1929). Map of Jersey City, New Jersey

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Newark International Airport is one of the top 20 busiest airports in the world

Newark, city of New Jersey, USA; 277,100 residents (2010), of which 52% were black. The city is part of New York’s metropolitan area and is known for its many industries and the international airport, which is used by SAS. After urban renewal, the population has fallen by approximately 1/3 since the 1960’s when poor and run-down housing estates were the hotbed of violent race riots.

Map of Newark, New Jersey


Paterson, town on the Passaic River in New Jersey, USA; 146,200 residents (2010), of which 32% are black. After the construction in 1791 of the largest American factory complex of the time, Paterson was an important industrial city until the 1950’s. Since then, it has been hit hard by factory closures, poverty and periodically high unemployment. The biggest attraction is the famous waterfalls Great Falls, which with a drop of 21 m formed the basis for the first textile mills. Along with the neighboring towns of New Jersey, Paterson is part of the metropolitan area of New York.

Map of Paterson, New Jersey

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Trenton, the capital of New Jersey, USA, on the Delaware River on the border with Pennsylvania; grdl. 1721, 84,900 residents (2010). The city is characterized by dilapidated industrial and residential areas, but also contains a number of historical monuments from the North American War of Independence, including the Revolutionary Monument with George Washington.

Map of Trenton, New Jersey

Atlantic City

Atlantic City, town on the island of Absecon in the state of New Jersey, USA; 39,600 residents (2010). It was granted city status in 1854 after speculators provided rail connections the year before. The mild climate, the sandy beaches and the extension with promenade, “amusement piers” and racetrack quickly made the city popular, until the competition from Florida stepped in after World War II. The city’s rescue was the legalization of gambling (1976), after which 13 gambling casinos were built, including the world’s largest: the multimillionaire Donald Trump’s boasting Taj Mahal, 40-story oriental kitsch with minarets and shiny onion domes.

Map of Atlantic City, New Jersey

The board game Matador has in its original, American version (Monopoly) Atlantic City as a model.