Top 10 Largest Countries in North America

After Africa and Asia, North America is the largest continent on Earth. It is therefore not surprising that there are also a number of impressively large countries on this continent. In total, no less than 579 million people live on the continent, spread over more than 24 million square kilometers. Here you will discover the top 10 largest countries in North America.

10. Costa Rica – 51,100 square kilometers

Costa Rica is located in the area that is also called Central America. The country borders Panama and Nicaragua and has nearly five million inhabitants. Costa Rica is small, but very versatile. You will find volcanoes, jungle, waterfalls, beautiful beaches and lots of wildlife. A trip to Costa Rica is on the bucket list of many nature lovers. Not every part of Costa Rica is on the mainland. The country also has its own island, namely the uninhabited Cocos Island. This is a protected area and also the place where, according to old legends, many pirates buried their treasures.

9. Panama – 75,417 square kilometers

Panama is located in the southernmost part of North America. This country is best known for the famous Panama Canal. Thanks to this channel, it is much easier to sail from one coast of North America to the other, without having to make the trip around South America. The country also has high mountains, with Volcán Barú being the highest point in the country.

8. Guatemala – 108,889 square kilometers

The versatile Guatemala also deserves a place on this list, with an impressive size of more than 100,000 square kilometers. The country has an incredibly varied landscape. Where one side of the country is dotted with high mountain peaks and volcanoes, the other side is mainly flat. The Mayan ruins in Guatemala are also beautiful to see.

7. Cuba – 109,886 square kilometers

Cuba is not on the mainland of North America but is a group of islands. It belongs to the Caribbean and, in addition to the large island of Cuba, also consists of Isla de la Juventud and more than four thousand other islands. It is one of the few communist states. While many of the countries in North America have large mountain ranges, Cuba is exceptionally flat.

6. Honduras – 112,492 square kilometers

Honduras has a rich history, because the country was inhabited for centuries by peoples such as the Mayas and the Lencas. After explorer Christopher Columbus arrived at the country, it was not long before Honduras was occupied by the Spanish. In the centuries that followed, Guatemala and the United States had also occupied the country. After this, the banana plantations in particular had the most influence in the country, to which we owe the term banana republic.

5. Nicaragua – 130,373 square kilometers


Nicaragua can also be found in Central America and owes its name to Nicarao. This was the leader of an indigenous tribe living in the country. They lived near Lake Nicaragua, the second largest freshwater lake in Latin America. More than six million people now live in the country, who mainly live from agriculture.

4. Mexico – 1,964,375 square kilometers


With an impressive size of almost two million square kilometers, Mexico has definitely earned a spot on this list. It is the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world and its capital is also impressive in size. In fact, Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world. Nearly 125 million people live in the country, part of which also live on the small islands of Mexico.

3. Greenland – 2,166,086 square kilometers


Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark, but is actually in North America. It is an autonomous area, although the Danish government still has influence on the ins and outs of the country. Despite being the largest island in the world, relatively few people live in Greenland. The counter stands at about 57,000 inhabitants, which makes Greenland exceptionally sparsely populated.

2. United States – 9,629,091 square kilometers

United States

When you think of North America, you probably think of the United States. This country is not called America for nothing . It is one of the most influential countries in the world and has an impressive size. Moreover, 327 million people live in the country, making it one of the largest populations in the world .

1. Canada – 9,984,670 square kilometers


The largest country in North America is Canada. This country is located on no less than three different oceans: the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Although the country is larger than the United States, Canada has significantly fewer people. In total there are only 35 inhabitants in the country. This has everything to do with Canada’s location, in the northernmost area of ​​North America. Some parts lie within the Arctic Circle, which makes some areas virtually uninhabitable. The country is a true natural paradise. If you go on a tour to Canada , you will enjoy the most beautiful nature reserves such as the Rocky Mountains and you can look for the many wild animals that the country has to offer, such as bears and whales.