Architecture in Mexico

Pre-Columbian time The pre-Columbian architecture in Mexico is part of a Mesoamerican cultural area that stretched from Rio Panuco – Rio Lerma – Rio Sinalo in Mexico in the north to Rio Ulua in Honduras and Rio Jiboia in El Salvador in the south, which encompasses much of today’s Mexico.. Mesoamerican culture was characterized by […]

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Mexican food

Mexican Food

Mexico is a great country with a long history and one of the world’s oldest civilizations. The country is elongated and has a great variety of climates. It encompasses everything from high mountains, volcanoes and desert, to Caribbean beaches and tropical rainforests. In the country both cereals such as corn, wheat, many kinds of vegetables […]

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Map of Madison, Wisconsin

Largest Cities in Wisconsin

Madison Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, USA; 233,200 residents (2010). The town is located between Lakes Mendota and Monona in the southern part of the state; the area was declared a capital in 1836. Madison is characterized by the state administration, colleges and research institutions; Among other things, University of Wisconsin (1849) with 46,000 students […]

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Map of Charleston, West Virginia

Largest Cities in West Virginia

Charleston Charleston (West Virginia), capital of West Virginia, USA; city ​​status 1794, 51,400 residents (2010). In addition to being the seat of the state administration, Charleston is also the economic center of the nearby industrial area of ​​the Kanawha Valley (especially chemical factories). The Parliament Building, designed by Cass Gilbert (1859-1934), is considered one of […]

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Map of Seattle, Washington

Largest Cities in Washington

Seattle Seattle, a port city on Puget Sound, Washington, USA; 608,700 residents (2010). The city, the state’s economic, cultural, and population center, has a large and diverse industry with some of the United States’ leading companies in the aerospace (Boeing), shipbuilding (Todd Shipyards), wood and paper (Weyerhaeuser), and computer industries (Microsoft). Also important are the […]

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Map of Norfolk, Virginia

Largest Cities in Virginia

Norfolk Norfolk (Virginia), port city of Virginia, USA; 242,800 residents (2010). See Hampton Roads. CountryAAH: Lists all cities and towns of Virginia in alphabetical order. Covers maps and airports in each major city in the state of Virginia. Richmond Richmond (Virginia), the capital of Virginia, USA; 204,200 residents (2010), of which 51% are black. The […]

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