Virginia Dare Memorial Bridge

US 321 in North Carolina

  US 321 Get started Crowds End Sugar Grove Length 102 mi Length 164 km Route South Carolina Gastonia Freeway Gaston College Dallas High Shoals Gastonia Highway Lincolnton South Maiden North Maiden Startown Mountain View Brookford Hickory Lenoit Boone Tennessee According to, US 321 is a US Highway in the US state of North […]

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Map of Charlotte, North Carolina

Largest Cities in North Carolina

Charlotte Charlotte, largest city in North Carolina, USA; 731,400 residents, of which 35% are black (2010). The city was formerly known for its many industries, especially cotton, and has since the 1960’s become the commercial center of a large and rapidly expanding hinterland. South of downtown, which consists mostly of skyscrapers, lies the huge amusement […]

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