Attractions in Tulum

Attractions in Tulum

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Wherever you go in the world, there will be things to see. Some sites offer less of this while others offer more. What matters if you see all these things and if you visit these places, is your own interest to see and discover. After this, there will then be places on earth that are wonderful, similar to a paradise, where you will find sun and swimming and that you can see and discover everything that touches the city, history and culture where you are.

This will of course always be a choice that suits everyone. You can simply go on vacation and do exactly what you want every day. When you are now in such a place, it will be very sad to do the same things every day just because you like it. One of these places is Tulum on the southeast coast of Mexico. Yes, you’re in the Caribbean. This city offers an immense wealth of sights and culture, to also create pleasant days at the beach for a night out on the town.

Attractions in Tulum

Discover the Maya people in Tulum

For those of you who like archeology, history and older people, Tulum will be one of the best places on earth to visit. Here you will find fantastic and well-preserved ruins from the ancient Mayan people. You will even find a place called Playa Ruinas. This place is unique as you can walk on a beautiful beach while seeing the most well-preserved ruins of El Castillo, which was the great castle of Tulum during this time.

Cycling in Tulum

According to travelationary, one of the best ways to discover the ancient Mayan culture, all the ruins and at the same time get some exercise, is to be the one to take you on one of the many bike rides with guides available. Here is something called Tulum Bike Tours, which has a unique concept that allows you to see everything in Tulum in a very short time. Yes, okay, almost everything.

Great Cenote

You who like to swim, see beautiful places and be the one who discovers life below the water surface, will be the one that is perfect to visit Gran Cenote. Here you will find a submerged natural hole that is filled with the clearest of water, and then in the second stage be the one who walks over bridges and discovers caves in the limestone cliffs.

More about El Castillo

When it comes to El Castillo, this is something you just must not miss when visiting Tulum. This is really about not being able to miss it either. It is located just outside the city center and on the most popular beach in Tulum. This is probably one of the world’s most well-preserved ruins from the Mayan culture, which then means that this building would be around 2000 years old. Something you really need to see before this finally weathers together from all the humid air these ruins have to endure all the time. You can see more about Tulum on site.

This is what you should see in Tulum

When it comes to a place facing the Caribbean Sea, it will be only natural that swimming and sun are high on the list. You will always find this in large quantities in Tulum, and simply choose the one of the beaches that suits you best. However, there will be much more to see in this city besides the beautiful sea on the beach and the interesting ruins from the Mayan period. Here are some hot tips along the way.

  • Gran Cenote: Here you will find what is called a “sinkhole”, which of course means that you will find opportunities for swimming and snorkeling. Anyway, this gives a lot more. It is guaranteed to give you a lasting photo to your family album. When you like to discover and explore limestone caves, Gran Canote will also be a very interesting choice here.
  • Tulum Bike Tours: Now we’m talking. Here you do not have to go to Italy or Greece to go on a cycling holiday, but you can now choose Tulum. This is something unique in Tulum and at the same time something that makes you quickly see and discover lots that you otherwise would not have had time for. Most of these tours take you via various routes to lots of archeological sites and you will simply learn about how this country worked in the past.