Tulum as a destination

Tulum’s Best Beaches

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If you have managed to save money and go to Mexico to visit the Yucatan Peninsula. Yes, then you will really have made the right investment with your holiday fund. Here you can also choose between a lot of different cities, but for those of you who want to know that you always have something to find and explore, Tulum will be a good choice.

In this tourist town you will always find a very good accommodation, where there are many price ranges and forms of accommodation to choose from. This is something you book before you go so that you save time and money during the trip. When you now look further, you will find lots of history and ruins from the Mayan culture that can be just as interesting to see and know more about.

In any case, the holiday is not just about living and learning things. Here it is important to experience paradise on one of the many beaches that are in and near this city. Here there is guaranteed a beach that suits everyone’s tastes.

Tulum's best beaches

It starts with Playa Ruinas

When you really want to be the one who experiences, sees and explores something really unique. This is actually one of the times in the world that old dilapidated buildings actually become a wonderful complement to an adorable beach. At Playa Ruinas you can choose what suits you. Here you will find everything from a short sandy beach to a rocky and wooded part. Quite simply, this will be the only beach you need to see for the rest of your life on earth.

Las Palmas Public Beach

Here you will find another legendary and very popular place in Tulum. Here, of course, this is about a very beautiful and paradise-like beach. This beach has been endowed with a very calm water and soft waves that meet the white sand where sea and land divide the earth. This will be a perfect choice of beach when you want to avoid overcrowded places such as Cancún or Playa del Carmen. Here you will find only a natural beach without elements of various vendors or restaurants nearby.

Akumal Beach

This is a beach located less than 30 minutes drive from downtown Tulum. In any case, this will not matter. It is simply a place that you must experience. Here you will find yourself in a bay with water that makes you feel like in a lagoon. The underwater environment that exists can also very well be a place where you dive or snorkel.

Secret Beach

You who do not want to be close to the crowds, will make the perfect choice to take you to Secret Beach. Yes, nowadays it is probably not so secret anymore. This is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and it has also been mentioned as a place which was on the UNESCO World Heritage List as early as 1987. Of course, this will of course be a place that you must not miss to visit during your holiday in Tulum.

Tulum as a destination

Tulum as a destination

When you go to Mexico on vacation, there are lots of different popular tourist destinations to discover and visit. According to usaers, the best and most of these are located in the place that bears the name Yucatán Peninsula. This is about the southeast coast of Mexico, where you will find many of the most popular cities in the landscape we call the Caribbean. One of these is then the city of Tulum, which can be one of your best visits in life. Tulum is very famous for its extremely paradise-like beaches and very well-preserved ruins from the Mayan culture.

During the time of the Maya people, Tulum was a very important port. This is a large, well-preserved building that can be seen. This was the most important building in a large structure called El Castillo. This stately ruin can be seen on a high cliff just a few meters from the chalk-white beach and the turquoise sea.

All this will mean that this city has become a very popular tourist destination. With this, you who visit Tulum will always know that you will find good accommodation and lots of good Mexican food at all the restaurants and bars you will find along the pleasant beach roads.

Find your perfect accommodation in Tulum

When it comes to finding accommodation in an unknown location, this is certainly not something that is recommended on arrival in Tulum. Here you book your accommodation online together with your trip before you leave. Here you will quickly find that there are both exclusive and cheap choices to make. Best of all, you do not lose time on the trip, while you can be pretty sure of always getting the best price.