Attractions of Cuba

Resorts and Attractions of Cuba

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Cuba (Liberty Island) is an island state in the northern part of the Caribbean Sea, occupies the territory of the island of Cuba. The capital is Havana (Jose Marti International Airport is also located here).

According to softwareleverage, the official language is Spanish. Currency – pesos (Cuban convertible pesos (CUC) = 100 centavos. 1 US dollar is approximately 0.8 CUC, and 1 EURO – 1.15 CUC. Credit cards issued by European banks are not accepted everywhere, so it is better to go to Cuba with cash.Credit cards imitated by American banks are not accepted for payment). The dominant religions are Catholicism, Santeria.

The relief is predominantly flat. The climate is tropical, trade wind. Temperature +20, +30*С. Time is 8 hours behind Moscow time.

Resorts and attractions of Cuba

Would you like to enjoy the azure serenity of the sea while drinking a refreshing mojito under the shade of emerald palm trees? And watch a shark sleeping at dawn or make a breathtaking dive to the wrecks of sunken ships? Or learn to dance incendiary salsa from temperamental and cheerful Cubans? Or maybe you are drawn to go fishing for marlin, who became famous thanks to the courage of the Old Man from the legendary story of Hemingway?

Lost Island. Take a break from the whole world!
Cuba is the largest of the Antilles. The country owes its tourist boom to three things – the most beautiful beaches, a high-profile history and the money of American magnates, among which DuPont played a special role. He fell in love with this place so much that he began to buy land and build a residence for himself.
Cuba is famous for rum, cigars and incendiary salsa. This is a country of love and freedom. The island attracts and fascinates with its carelessness, warm hospitality and love of life. The country gives tourists all the best. The best beaches in the world, year-round vacations, great hotels and vibrant exciting nightlife. In winter, the island is much better than in summer, because there is almost no rain, and the water temperature in the Caribbean Sea reaches +32 degrees. Sometimes the temperature of the water is much higher than the temperature of the already hot air. The most crowded tourist places in Cuba are, of course, Havana, the resort of Varadeo and the island of Cayo Largo (Largo del Sur).

The Cuban attraction lies in its magical beaches and unspoiled underwater scenery. Cuba is the most benevolent place for travelers who are attracted by walks above and below the water. Relax on the beach. Enjoy the spacious underwater world up to 30 meters deep. Cuba is an island of contrasts. Music and dancing here coexist with the peace and quiet of amazing nature.
Magnificent white beaches with absolutely clear, crystal waters, exotic fauna and flora, coral reefs, shallows – this is a small list of what you can see on the island of freedom Cuba.

Traveling to Havana is a great way to get to know Cuba.. This city is so unique that it is under the protection of UNESCO. There are many attractions and a wonderful atmosphere that allows you to truly enjoy your vacation.

City of Trinidad – this is the place of your dreams! If you haven’t been there yet, it’s time. Trinidad is the most incredible place in Cuba. You can even consider it a wonder of the world. The city is older than Havana and much more beautiful. This city is the best on the island. The walls of its churches, palaces and villas, made in the Baroque (Spanish-Colonial) style, remember the very first conquistadors. Beaches, huge lobsters, live music from Cuba and, of course, the Caribbean Sea will be presented to your review. A piece of paradise where you can’t help but enjoy your vacation.

Varadero – the most popular Cuban resort. It is located 140 kilometers from Havana, which is the capital of the country. You can get here from anywhere on the world map. Varadero has become a site for the construction of more than 50 hotels designed for various categories of tourists. Both lovers of budget holidays and holidaymakers who prefer luxury apartments will comfortably settle down here. Local beaches are considered among the best in the world.

Attractions of Cuba