Honduras landmarks

Honduras – landmarks

Honduras is a country in Central America with (2019) 9.7 million residents; The capital is Tegucigalpa. San Pedro Sula San Pedro Sula [sam Pedro], departmental capital in Nordwesthonduras, with (2020) 671 500 residents the second largest city in the country. Bishopric; most important industrial location in the country: food, textile and clothing, wood, paper, cement, […]

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Theater in Honduras

Theater and Music in Honduras

Music in Honduras Folk music is developed through mutual influence between Native American, African and European traditions. The music of the Mestis is based on forms of European origin, and from the 16th century onwards, Native American music came under African and Iberian influence. Since the first military orchestra was organized in 1876, military music […]

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José Antonio Velásquez

Art and Architecture in Honduras

The region’s culture was part of the Mayan culture until the Spanish conquest in 1524-1535. Architecture The earliest colonial architecture in Honduras was erected in Trujillo, the country’s first capital. A cathedral and a Franciscan monastery were completed in 1582, but earthquakes and fragile building materials led to major destruction. Architects from Guatemala and Spain […]

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Honduras is a pronounced mountain country

Honduras Geography

Honduras is a distinct mountain country and belongs to the tertiary mountain system that runs throughout Central America. More than half of the country is over 900 meters above sea level, but only a few peaks, most extinct volcanoes, reach over 2000 meters above sea level. The highest point is Cerro las Minas (2849 meters […]

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José Cecilio del Valle

Honduras Literature

José Cecilio del Valle (1780-1834), who authored the Central America Constitution of 1821, also wrote patriotic poems, while José Trinidad Reyes (1797-1855) is known for his political satires and folk comedies. The main representative of the romance was the politically radical Manuel Molina Vigil (1853–83). The main figures of the “Modernista” movement were the pessimistic […]

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westernmost part of Honduras


Honduras, Republic of Central America. The country borders El Salvador in the southwest, Guatemala in the west and Nicaragua in the south and southeast, and has coastlines both to the Pacific in the south and the Caribbean in the north. The mountainous Honduras are considered Central America’s second poorest country. The capital is Tegucigalpa. Honduras […]

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