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Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah, USA; city ​​population 186,400 residents (2010). The city is located at an altitude of 1300 m between the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake and has since its founding in 1847 been the center of the Mormon Church, whose buildings characterize the inner city around Temple Square. In addition to being a religious as well as an administrative and educational center – the University of Utah was founded in 1850 – the city has a diverse economy, based on trade, transportation and banking and a large industrial sector (especially the metal and food industries).

Map of Salt Lake City, Utah

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Sights include the State Capitol (1912-16), the Family History Library (established 1894) and the city’s landmark, the imposing The Mormon Temple, built 1853-93, and The Mormon Tabernacle (1864-67), home to the world-famous 360 members. great choir Mormon Tabernacle Choir (grdl. 1847).

As a tourist town, Salt Lake City benefits from a pleasant, sunny climate and proximity to some of America’s most coveted ski resorts. The city was home to the 2002 Winter Olympics.


Provo, a city in Utah, USA between Utah Lake and the Wasatch Mountains; city ​​population 112,500, in Provo-Orem 526,800 residents (2010). Known for Mormon Brigham Young University, the city has a diverse industry with roots dating back to the Salt Lake City railroad in the 1870’s. The surrounding mountain areas are popular excursion destinations, such as the Sundance Resort ski resort, which is also home to film studios at the Sundance Institute, created by actor Robert Redford.

Map of Provo, Utah

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Ogden, Utah City, USA 55 km north of Salt Lake City; 82,800 residents (2010). The town is located at the foot of the Wasatch Range (Mt. Ogden 2918 m), which especially in winter attracts many tourists (skiing). In addition to being a cattle center, the city has a small aviation industry adjacent to Hill Air Force Base. Attractions include the Browning Firearms Museum with a collection of city boy John M. Browning’s famous handguns.

Map of Ogden, Utah

Bingham Canyon

Bingham Canyon, mining town 30 km SW of Salt Lake City in Utah, USA; laid out 1848 by Mormons. In 1863, gold, silver and zinc were mined, but Bingham Canyon is best known for the more than 1000 m deep, the world’s deepest, and 7.7 km2 large open copper mine – “the world’s richest hole” – from which since 1906 it has been mined. almost four billion malm.

The ore body, which is one of the world’s largest copper deposits, is estimated to contain more than ten million t pure copper, but the grade is low, only 0.7-0.8% copper, which is close to the limit of what can pay to break. However, the economy is improved by smaller amounts of molybdenum, lead, zinc, silver, gold and rhenium in the ore.

Map of Bingham Canyon, Utah