Best Travel Time for the USA

Northern America

The best travel time naturally depends on the chosen travel region.

Most travelers come to the USA in the summer, but this is also the time when the Americans go on vacation themselves. During this time, the prices in the popular tourist locations are much higher than in the off-season.

In winter you can ski well in the Rocky Mountains, in Florida at this time the temperatures are mild.

The spring is particularly suitable for travel to the southern United States, including city tours will be less stressful than in quite hot in some summer.

The fall is particularly appropriate to to the Indian Summer to enjoy in the New England states, in the southern states you can still swim in the autumn.

To avoid the large numbers of tourists (especially in the national parks), it is better to travel to the USA in autumn or early spring. United States is a country located in North America according to PHILOSOPHYNEARBY.COM.

USA – money

Local currency: 1 US dollar equals 100 cents.

Currency abbreviation: US $, USD

Banknotes come in denominations of 1, 2 (rare), 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 US dollars, while coins are in circulation with values ​​of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents and 1 US dollar.

Currency Exchange: not all banks change foreign currencies, one is often dependent on exchange offices that are not represented everywhere and charge exchange fees. It is therefore recommended to change enough US dollars before departure.

US dollar exchange rate

Currency converter at OANDA

Credit Cards: A credit card is almost indispensable when traveling in the United States. You should have at least one credit card with you, as many hotels and car rental companies insist on prepayment if you are not paying with a credit card. In the USA, almost all international credit cards, including the Euro / Mastercard, are accepted for payment. With the EC / Maestro card, however, you can pay less often at electronic cash registers than in Germany.

ATMs accept international credit cards. ATMs that have the blue Cirrus or Maestro symbol accept the ec / Maestro card. With the associated PIN you can withdraw cash here.

Travelers checks should be made out in US dollars. Travelers checks in euros are often only exchanged in exchange offices and at international airports, and the fee for exchanging traveler’s checks is often high. When changing or paying travelers checks, one (sometimes even two) proof of identity must often be presented.

Travelers checks are often accepted for payment (restaurants, petrol stations, hotels). Change is usually given as cash.

Foreign exchange regulations: No restrictions, however, amounts of more than 10,000 US dollars (including stocks, money orders and travelers checks) must be declared when entering and leaving the country. Gold coins and quantities must also be declared upon entry.

Bank opening times: usually Mon – Fri 8 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.

Health and Diseases in the United States

Vaccination protection

The standard vaccinations for adults and children should be complete and up to date. When traveling with particular exposure (for example, in regions with inadequate medical care, current outbreaks of disease, poor hygiene or simple travel conditions), the Federal Foreign Office’s health service recommends vaccinations against hepatitis A and B.

For longer stays in the USA, there are vaccination requirements for registrations at kindergartens, schools and universities, which should best be inquired about before entering the country. In case of doubt, the complete standard vaccinations (including meningococcal vaccinations) must be proven and should therefore be completed prior to entry if necessary. Consultation with a tropical or travel doctor is recommended.

West Nile Fever (West Nile Virus)

West Nile fever has been a viral disease in the United States since 1999. The mosquito-borne West Nile virus spread from the east coast over large areas to the west coast of the USA. However, the likelihood of developing West Nile fever in the United States is low. When staying outdoors, mosquito repellent is still recommended (e.g. long-sleeved clothing and / or mosquito repellants). A disease transmission from person to person does not occur.

Travelers can find up-to-date health information, tips and maps at the American health authority Center for Disease Control (CDC):

When traveling in the USA, the supply of medication, medical and technical care and hygiene are usually not a problem. However, the distances to the nearest hospital can be relatively long. Medical treatments are expensive and are carried out against prepayment or direct payment. We strongly recommend that you take out health insurance, which also includes the USA, and that you have a credit card that can be charged. If the patient’s condition allows it, it is often cheaper to fly back to Germany and have the treatment here.

In addition to my general disclaimer, please note the following important note:

A guarantee for the correctness and completeness of the medical information and liability for any damage that may occur cannot be assumed. You stay responsible for your healthy.