Map of Duluth, Minnesota

Largest Cities in Minnesota

Northern America


Duluth, a town on Lake Superior in Minnesota, USA, by bridges connected to the neighboring town of Superior in Wisconsin; 86,300 residents (2010). As the westernmost port city in the Saint Lawrence Seaway system, the city’s function is linked to the port, which, frozen in winter, is the second largest in the United States by volume of goods. The growth began in the 1870’s, when it became possible by rail to transport wheat from the northern prairie provinces and later, after the start of mining in 1887, large quantities of iron ore from the fields of the Mesabi Range. Other important exports are timber, oil (from Canada) as well as food, steel and other processed products. Map of Duluth, Minnesota

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Minneapolis, the largest city in Minnesota, USA; 382,600 residents, of which 19% are black. Together with the neighboring town of St. Paul, 285,100 residents (2010), forms The Twin Cities.

Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis

After deforestation and cultivation of the prairie in the late 1800’s. Minneapolis on the Mississippi River became an important center for grain sales and sawmill products; the river is navigable from here to the Gulf of Mexico. At the same time, machinery industry, especially agricultural machinery, and later more industries were added. The city houses one of the world’s largest grain exchanges and the headquarters for General Mills, International Multifoods, Cray Computer and 3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co.). Downtown is characterized by modern office buildings and shopping malls, and not far from here are the University of Minnesota (from 1851) and the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome.

Map of Minneapolis, Minnesota

Saint Paul

Saint Paul, the capital of Minnesota, USA, on the Mississippi River; city ​​population 285,100 residents (2010). The city is a transport and financial center with a diverse industry and Hamline University (1854). The first permanent settlement occurred at the fortress Fort Snelling (1819-25), which after reconstruction has become a tourist attraction.

Map of Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Hibbing, a mining town in northeastern Minnesota, USA; grdl. 1893, 16,400 residents (2010). It is located on the Mesabi Range ore field, where most of the United States’ iron ore has been mined since the late 1800’s. In 1919, the town was moved 3 km south to make way for one of the largest mines of the time, the now depleted Hull-Rust Mahoning Mine (circumference 8 km, depth 165 m). Singer Bob Dylan grew up in Hibbing.

Map of Hibbing, Minnesota


Bloomington (Minnesota), suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; 82,900 residents (2010). In 1992, a giant shopping mall, the Mall of America, was inaugurated, which in addition to more than 500 stores houses a large entertainment area . The more than 30-hectare facility includes parking spaces for 13,000 cars.

Map of Bloomington, Minnesota