Map of Augusta, Maine

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Augusta, the capital of Maine, USA; 19,100 residents (2010). The city is known for its historic buildings, the well-restored Fort Western (1754) and the impressive State House from 1829. In addition to the state administration, it has a university department, a state hospital and a number of smaller industries with roots dating back to the 1800’s. (timber, textiles, clothing). The city is crossed by the Kennebec River, which was formerly an important trade route. Map of Augusta, Maine

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Portland (Maine), largest city in Maine, USA; 66,200 residents (2010). The town is located by Casco Bay and is an old port town (grdl. 1632), which since 1800-t. has had a large export of wood products, grain and later oil. In addition to fishing and port activities, the economy is based on industry. The sights include the renovated Old Port Exchange and the poet Henry Longfellow’s childhood home, now an art museum.

Map of Portland, Maine

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Wharf in Portland, Maine's largest city