Colorado Travel Guide

Colorado Travel Guide

Northern America

Colorado is located in the western to central part of the United States of America at an elevation of 2073 meters. It is considered one of the highest states in the USA, a so-called mountain state. The state includes portions of the southern Rocky Mountains, northeastern portions of the Colorado Plateau, and western portions of the Great Plains.

Colorado translates to “reddish,” which refers to the color of the mountains in the state. In 1876, on the centenary of the United States’ birth, Colorado became the 38th state. According to, its nickname ” Centennial State “.

Around 5.1 million people live in an area of ​​approximately 269,601 km² in the state of Colorado. Most of Colorado’s population lives in the capital, Denver.

According to EHUACOM.COM, seven states border Colorado: Wyoming to the north, the prairie states of Nebraska and Kansas to the east, Oklahoma to the south, New Mexico to the south, Arizona to the south, and Utah to the west. Along with Wyoming and Utah, Colorado is one of the only states in the USA where the state border was defined along the lines of longitude and latitude.

The most famous sights of Colorado are the Rocky Mountains.

UNESCO world heritage

Mesa Verde National Park

National Parks in Colorado

Rocky Mountains National Park
Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve
Mesa Verde National Park

Cities and interesting places in Colorado

Colorado Springs
Fort Collins

Attraction of Mesa Verde

The attraction of Mesaverde are the approximately 600 rock dwellings, the most famous being the Spruce Tree House, Balcony House and the Cliff Palace. Most of them can only be visited with a ranger guide.
The cliff dwellings have been built to take advantage of solar energy. The angle of the sun in winter warms the stonework of the cliff dwellings and a warm breeze blew from the valley below. In summer, when the sun is high in the sky, the cliff dwellings are sheltered from the heat.

Balcony House
The Balcony House is situated on a high rocky outcrop facing east. It consists of 45 rooms and 2 kivas. To view it requires climbing a 32-foot ladder and crawling through a 12-foot tunnel. The balcony house was discovered when it was excavated in 1910. The Balcony House can be visited through guided tours.

Cliff Palace
Cliff Palace is one of the largest communities in the Mesa Verde area. The multi-storey ruin contains around 150 rooms and 23 kivas. Cliff Palace is the largest dwelling in Mesa Verde National Park.
A notable construction here is a four-storey rectangular tower, it has been partially reconstructed.

Long House
Long House is located on Wetherill Mesa, it is the second largest city in Mesa Verde and was home to around 150 people. The site was excavated from 1959 to 1961 as part of the Wetherhill Mesa Archaeological Project. The Long House has 150 rooms, a kiva, a tower and a central plaza.

Far View Reservoir
Far View Reservoir is located on Chapin Mesa. It consists of a medium-sized and a smaller pueblo from the middle period of Anasazi history. A large community kiva has been identified in the immediate vicinity, but has not yet been excavated.
Just north of the complex is a large, circular structure some 27 meters in diameter, a water reservoir. It was originally used to store water for drinking and irrigation.

Mug House
Located on Wetherill Mesa, this ruin contains 94 rooms and a large kiva.

Oak Tree House
The Oak Tree House is an oak tree house and fire temple that can be visited with a guided tour.

Spruce Tree House
Spruce Tree House is the third largest city and had over 130 rooms and eight kivas. It was built between 1211 and 1278 and is well preserved due to its sheltered location.

Square Tower House
The Square Tower House is located on Mesa Top Loop Road. This is a tower that is the tallest structure in Mesa Verde.

Weather & Climate in Mesa Verde National Park – Weather Mesa vVerde

In winter the weather is generally mild. However, snowstorms can occur in May and as early as October. The months of June to September are warm to hot with cool evenings. It can get very hot in the summer months, so bring plenty of water to drink when visiting.

Hotels & Mesa Verde Camping

For overnight stays, Far View Lodge is located about 15 miles from the park entrance and is open from mid-April to mid-October. You can camp at Morefield Campground.

Opening hours & entrance fees to the park Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde is always open, hours vary depending on the season. Admission is $15.00 from May 22 – September 7, 2015 and $10.00 the rest of the year per private vehicle (as of 2015). The ticket is valid for seven days. A Mesa Verde annual pass costs $30.00. The national park is also included in the America the Beautiful Pass.

Directions to Mesa Park

Mesa Verde Park is located in southwest Colorado. The Mesa Verde park entrance is off US Route 160, between the cities of Mancos and Cortez, Colorado and approximately 35 miles west of Durango, Colorado.

By car, it is approximately an hour’s drive east from Cortez, Colorado on Highway 160 and 1.5 hours from Durango, Colorado west on Highway 160. The nearest airports are in Cortez, Colorado; Durango, Colorado; and Farmington, New Mexico.

The closest bus stop is in Durango, Colorado. A rental car is required to get to the park from the bus station. The entrance to Mesa Verde is 35 miles from Durango.

Address of the attraction Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado

Mesa Verde National Park
Mesa Verde, Colorado 81330

Colorado Travel Guide