St.Pete-Clearwater, Florida

St.Pete-Clearwater, Florida

Northern America

A St.Pete-Clearwater vacation is a perfect example of Florida as Florida is meant to be. The sea water here is also called “crystal clear”: Clearwater bears this name for a reason. Enjoy miles of white beaches, the sound of rustling palm trees and the bright sun. Moreover, the constant warm temperature made it a good place to be! Clearwater is a hugely popular destination among families due to the many family-friendly water activities nearby. But Clearwater is also a good location as a base for your Florida tour , with cities such as Tampa and St. Petersburg within a relatively short distance. In short, St.Pete-Clearwater is an ideal holiday destination!

Top 5 places of interest in St.Pete-Clearwater

According to Ablogtophone, St.Pete-Clearwater consists of two parts: the town of Clearwater itself with Clearwater Beach on the water. Clearwater Beach is where the most things to do are. You can make it as touristy as you want, for example by exploring Pier 60; or soak up the local culture by visiting Ruth Eckerd Hall. There is also plenty to do here for children: it is almost certain that they will love to spot dolphins, or at sea during a cruise; or in the aquarium. Below you can read about the highlights of Clearwater Beach.

1. Pier 60

Pier 60 is the bustling center of Clearwater Beach. There is a lot of fishing here during the day. If you haven’t been able to fit a fishing rod in your suitcase: no problem, you can buy it here. If you are not much of a fisherman, but you like (tourist) shopping, you are also in the right place here. Or settle down at one of the restaurants for a drink or something to eat. It is very busy here, especially in the evening. During Sunset at Pier 60 you can enjoy all kinds of live entertainment: singers, musicians and street performers try to please you. This usually starts just before sunset (6:00 PM) until a few hours after (9:00 PM). A free family film is shown every evening during the weekend during Sunset Cinema.

2. Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Always wanted to meet a movie star? You can in Clearwater Beach! Clearwater Marine Aquarium is home to dolphin Winter, known from the movie Dolphin’s Tale. This world-famous dolphin, best known for losing her tail, has shared the silver screen with other big names such as Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd. Winter is not the only dolphin in this aquarium. There are many more injured marine animals here, such as turtles, sharks and stingrays. You can also participate in a sea excursion here, where you go out to sea together with a marine biologist. The entrance fee is approximately $22 for adults and approximately $18 for children (2021).

3. Church of Scientology

Do you have a passion for quirky and controversial things? Clearwater is one of the cities in America with a huge amount of Scientology followers. Flag Building, also known as the Super Power Building, is not only Clearwater’s tallest building; it also functions as a church for Scientology adherents. The installation of this church caused quite a stir: many residents did not agree. The presence of the Scientology faith continues to grow in Clearwater. This is mainly because the supporters buy large parts of the city with a lot of money.

4. Ruth Eckerd Hall

Do you like music? Then you can indulge yourself in Clearwater. Ruth Eckerd Hall opened in 1983 and has grown into a huge concert hall with a capacity of 2,200 people. Many big names from the music industry have already performed here and for 2021 the Beach Boys and Led Zeppelin are on the program, among others. If you’re more into classical music, you’re in the right place too. The Florida Orchestra performs here regularly, but there are also occasional ballet performances.

5. The beach at Clearwater Beach

The beach in Clearwater Beach proudly ranks among the most beautiful beaches in America. Completely justified, because Clearwater has an average of 361 (!) days of sunshine per year. If that’s not the basis for a perfect sun holiday… But if you don’t like lying alone on your beach bed, Clearwater Beach has plenty to offer. The kilometers of beach are perfect for a beach walk, but you can also rent a boat or join a dolphin cruise. If you prefer to look for peace and quiet, you can take a trip to Sand Key Park. It is usually a lot less crowded here, so you can take a walk or kayak in peace.

Frequently Asked Questions about St.Pete-Clearwater

Where to stay in St.Pete-Clearwater?

Clearwater Beach has a huge selection of resorts and hotels. So you can make it as luxurious or as simple as you want. We have already made a selection for you on our website!

Things to do in St.Pete-Clearwater

Besides laying on the beach, there are plenty of other things to do in Clearwater Beach. You can go on a boat trip, but you can also enjoy good shopping and good food. Clearwater Beach is also a paradise for children: the aquarium in particular is an absolute must.

Where is St.Pete-Clearwater

Clearwater Beach is located on the west coast of Florida, so right on the Gulf of Mexico. It is approximately centrally located, with cities such as Tampa and St. Petersburg nearby.

Why is St.Pete-Clearwater so popular?

Clearwater Beach has made a name for itself by placing itself in the list of ‘most beautiful beaches in America’. The beach is therefore the main crowd puller of Clearwater Beach. In addition, it is easily accessible due to its location in the Tampa Bay Area.

When is the best time to visit St.Pete-Clearwater?

The weather in Clearwater Beach is nice all year round. The temperature is always between 25 °C and 30 °C. In winter it is slightly colder, but still a pleasant 20 °C. In the summer months, keep in mind that it is hurricane season, so there can be a lot of precipitation.

St.Pete-Clearwater, Florida