Map of Fargo, North Dakota

Largest Cities in North Dakota

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Fargo is the largest city in North Dakota

Fargo, largest city in North Dakota, USA; 105,500 residents (2010). It became grdl. 1871 and named after WG Fargo, who co-founded the transport company Wells Fargo & Co. The town is the center of a large agricultural area (wheat, cattle) and a well-known educational site with approximately 20,000 students. In the neighboring town of Moorhead (38,100 residents, 2010) is the Heritage Homecoming Center, which has a copy of a 25 m long Viking ship from 900-t. as well as a copy of a Norwegian stave church. Map of Fargo, North Dakota

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Bismarck, the capital of North Dakota, USA; 61,300 residents (2010). The city was laid out as a railway hub for the Northern Pacific Railway in 1873 and named after Chancellor Otto von Bismarck to attract German capital. Due to its central location on the Missouri River in the middle of the prairie, Bismarck has become a market town for a large catchment area (grain, cattle, coal, oil). Striking in the flat and monotonous urban landscape is the 19-storey parliament building, the “Prairie Skyscraper”, from 1932.

Map of Bismarck, North Dakota

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