Map of Indianapolis, Indiana

Largest Cities in Indiana

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Indianapolis, the capital and largest city of Indiana, USA; grdl. 1821. 820,400 residents (2010). The city is located in central Indiana in the US corn belt and is in addition to being the center of state administration and colleges (including the reputable Indiana University Medical Center) an important transportation hub for roads, railroads and air routes. In addition, it houses a versatile industry with food, electronics and car components in addition to pharmaceutical and biotechnological products from Eli Lilly Corporation. Map of Indianapolis, Indiana

The city is built according to a radial plan, where the streets in the center start from the Monument Circle with the city’s landmark, the 87 m high Soldier’s and Sailor’s Monument. NW of downtown is the freeway, where the famous Indianapolis 500 car race has been held since 1911.

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Indianapolis is the capital and largest city of Indiana


Muncie, town in Indiana, USA, approximately 80 km NE of Indianapolis; 70,100 residents (2010). Since the sociologists Helen (1896-1982) and Robert Lynd (1892-1970) published in 1929 their dissertation Middletown, A Study in American Culture, which was based on studies in Muncie, the city has been perceived as the epitome of an average American city.

Map of Muncie, Indiana

South Bend

South Bend, an industrial city in northern Indiana, USA 120 km east of Chicago; 101,200 residents (2010), of which approximately 26% black. The town was 1868-1963 home of Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company, as in 1800-t. was a major manufacturer of horse-drawn vehicles and later of cars. Pga. factory closures, the city has since had difficulty securing employment and discouraging evictions. The largest educational institution is the University of Notre Dame (1842) with Hesburgh Memorial Library.

Map of South Bend, Indiana

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Bloomington (Indiana), a city in central Indiana, USA; 80,400 residents (2010). The development of the city is closely linked to Indiana University (1820), if approximately 33,000 students give the city a lively feel.

Map of Bloomington, Indiana


Gary, a port city on Lake Michigan in Indiana, USA; 80,300 residents, of which 84% are black (2010). It was founded in 1906 by the US Steel Corporation in connection with the construction of a giant iron and steel complex and for many years was one of the leading industrial centers in the United States. Recurring crises in the steel industry since the 1960’s have led to many factory closures, large emigration and almost halving the population. The city, now best known as the birthplace of pop singer Michael Jackson, seems sad and plagued by great poverty.

Map of Gary, Indiana