San Francisco Restaurants

Northern America

The people of San Francisco have a soft spot for good food, they are foodies and open to new things. No wonder that most of the restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area are concentrated with three Michelin stars nationwide. On the other hand, great importance is often attached to the fact that the food is quick, cheap and functional and can be combined with meetings, for example.

Our selection includes 9 restaurants, which we have divided into 3 categories: expensive, moderate and inexpensive. The restaurants are listed alphabetically within these categories. This division is only intended as a guide, it is by no means official categories.

All prices are exclusive of a VAT (Value Added Tax) of 7.5%, which is normally added to the invoice. In general, there is no service charge, as a tip of around 15-20% of the invoice price is required. In some restaurants, an extra fee is charged for group reservations (usually for more than 15 people). In any case, bookings and opening times should be confirmed by phone or email.

The prices quoted are the average price for a three-course meal or the price for a bottle of the cheapest wine or house wine. VAT is included, but not the service charge or tip.



This restaurant combines exceptional food and elegant design in a historic building. boulevard is located in one of the few houses in San Francisco that survived the severe earthquake of 1906. The kitchen is in the middle of the restaurant, guests can watch the preparation of their dishes from bar stools. Typical dishes of American western cuisine with a French touch are served on the boulevard, specialties include lobster paella and roasted lamb rack with pomegranate relish and vegetables. In the evening you should definitely reserve a table.

Address: 1 Mission St, Embarcadero South, San Francisco
Phone: (415) 543 60 84

Dining at the Ritz-Carlton

In parallel 37 , chef Michael Rotondo spoils his guests with dishes from the American kitchen. The offer on the menu depends on the season. Breakfast, lunch and / or dinner are available on request. A specialty in parallel are the chef’s table and the kitchen table. From there, guests can watch the goings-on in the kitchen. Service can be booked at the chef’s table in the morning, at noon and in the evening. Only an evening menu is available at the so-called kitchen table.

In the decadently furnished The Lounge with a view of the San Francisco skyline, guests can expect a combination of simple dishes, cocktails and live music. Afternoon tea is also served twice a month.

The dining experiences at Parallel 37 and The Lounge must be reserved in advance.


Address: The Ritz-Carlton, 600 Stockton Street, Nob Hill, San Francisco
Phone: (415) 773 61 98

Saul’s Restaurant and Delicatessen

Saul’s Restaurant and Delicatessen is a traditional Jewish deli in Berkely near the University of California. There are also table service and table niches in which university professors hold small meetings while eating. Whether brunch, lunch or dinner, the diverse menu also includes vegetarian, vegan, kosher and gluten-free dishes.

Address: 1475 Shattuck Ave., CA 94709 Berkely


R&G Lounge

The R&G Lounge serves Cantonese cuisine at reasonable prices and is particularly popular with the locals. House specialties, like many San Francisco restaurants, include fresh seafood. The menu includes a large selection of different shrimp and scallop dishes, and the pepper and salt crabs are particularly recommended. On the upper floor there is a quiet, elegant dining room for business lunches, on the ground floor traditional Hong Kong dishes are offered in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Address: 631 Kearny St, San Francisco
Phone: (415) 982 78 77

Cliff House restaurant

Cliff House stands on Point Lobos at the western end of San Francisco, and is a stately neoclassical building that was built in 1909 as a restaurant. The restaurant is popular with the locals for its overwhelming sea view as well as the excellent Sunday brunch. Hundreds of photos of celebrities who dined or performed at the Cliff House support the ancient, atmospheric decor of the interiors.

The house specialty is the Sunday champagne buffets in the Terrace Room, while the Sutro’s restaurant on the upper floor serves seasonal dishes with high-quality regional ingredients. Be sure to try the seafood. There are various bars and lounges in Cliff House, including the Bistro Restaurant, the Zinc Bar and the Balcony Lounge. Grab-and-go snacks are available in the Lookout Café.

Address: Cliff House, 1090 Point Lobos, San Francisco
Phone: (415) 386 33 30


ThirstyBear is the successful fusion of two very different inspirations: a Spanish restaurant and a California beer pub and brewery. The ThirstyBear serves over 30 different tapas with ingredients such as potatoes, vegetables, chorizo, Manchego cheese and ham, the selection ranges from mixed olives to briefly seared small fish fillets. The extensive starter menu includes Valencian paella and tenderly roasted lamb fillets with spiced potatoes. The affordable prices are particularly commendable, even with beer a meal at ThirstyBear is still affordable. There is no day ticket on Sundays.

Address: 661 Howard St, San Francisco
Phone: (415) 974 09 05


creator – Robotic Burger Restaurant

San Francisco is a very expensive place. In the creator , located in the financial district, there are still burgers that are inexpensive and at the same time very high quality. How does it work? The burgers are made by robots. These quickly and precisely process the best and fresh ingredients into delicious burger creations. The creator is open at lunchtime on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Address: 680 Folsom Street, CA 94107 San Francisco

The Slanted Door

This extremely popular Vietnamese restaurant was founded by a former computer software vendor. In The Slanted Door is hearty gets at very reasonable prices. The restaurant is located in the historic Mission district, the decor is simple and no frills and the food is superb. Typical dishes are, for example, chicken braised in a brick pot, served with ginger and chilli peppers and an unusual salad made up of grapefruit, jicama (a Mexican turnip) and candied pecans. There is also a rich selection of various oriental black and green teas and tempting desserts.

Address: 584 Valencia St, San Francisco
Phone: (415) 861 80 32


There are countless fish restaurants in San Francisco. The Chowders fish snack bar is very cheap and right on the water in the tourist harbor district of Fisherman’s Wharf . There is seafood, mussel soup and also fast food, which you can either take with you or eat with an excellent view over the bay.

Address: Pier 39, CA 94133 San Francisco