NOPA's California cuisine

San Francisco’s Great Food Culture

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According to Ablogtophone, San Francisco has plenty of great eateries and cafes that you really should try during your visit to the city. Plenty of choice: hip (vegan) hotspots, cozy coffee shops and real American diners. Need help finding the best eateries? We are happy to give you some tips.

The famous clam chowder

There’s no better location than Fisherman’s Wharf for dining. Especially if you are looking for a nice place to have breakfast or dinner. Boudin Bakery is known for its sourdough and is a real institution in San Francisco. It started in 1849 as a bakery and has grown into a household name today. Here you should really try the Clam Chowder, a thick soup full of fish and vegetables. And what is the soup served in? A sourdough bowl: tasty and filling, and in a great location.

SoMa Street Food Park and Trucks

Good food does not always have to be in a restaurant or café. You can also just visit the SoMa StrEat Food Park south of Market Street in the South of Market neighborhood. This is actually a kind of permanent food festival where you can order fresh lunches and dinners from food trucks all day long. In a cozy and relaxed atmosphere you can enjoy corn dogs, tacos, burgers and even a delicious grilled chicken. Something different from an extensive meal in a restaurant, but just as tasty.

Lori’s Diner

You can’t get more American than a dinner. At Lori’s Diner you get exactly what you expect: large portions of classic dishes such as pancakes, burgers and fries. Open the doors and you’ll be transported straight into the 1950s, complete with red couches, a jukebox, a car in the middle of the diner, and even Elvis and Marilyn Monroe are there. Order a typical lunch or breakfast and of course don’t forget those delicious looking ice creams with whipped cream and a cherry.

Chinese food at Dragon Beaux

San Francisco has the largest Chinatown outside of Asia, where you will find the best Chinese food. Dragon Beaux is a popular restaurant where you should not be surprised if you see a queue here. We recommend the BBQ pork bun, but the dim sum with a traditional twist is also delicious.

NOPA’s California cuisine

NOPA is a restaurant known for its relaxed atmosphere and where you can dine more elegantly. Rustic dishes prepared with organic ingredients are served. If you stay in San Francisco for more than a week, you can even eat here a few times: the menu changes every week based on the fresh ingredients available at the market. The name of the restaurant stands for North of the Panhandle and is located in the small neighborhood of the same name near Golden Gate Park. If you want to try real Californian cuisine, you have to step inside.

San Francisco is a big city and therefore has a lot of delicious eateries. Rent a car to try out the restaurants and cafes on the other side of town where you are staying.

NOPA's California cuisine