Largest Cities in Rhode Island

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Providence, capital and largest city in the state of Rhode Island, USA at the base of Narragansett Bay on the Atlantic Ocean; 178,000 residents (2010).

Providence, capital of Rhode Island

Providence is, in almost every respect, Rhode Island’s most important center: administratively, financially, culturally and educationally. In addition to a significant port business and a large and varied industry, the city is home to the reputable RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) and Brown University (1764). The picturesque downtown is rich in well-preserved historic houses and churches. 

Providence was founded in 1636 by the Puritan priest Roger Williams and benefited first from the colonial triangular trade and later from especially the textile industry, which began with the construction of (Old) Slater Mill (1793).

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Newport, a port city in the northeastern United States on the island of Rhode Island in Narragansett Bay; 24,700 residents (2010). The city developed in the late 1800’s. to an exclusive resort. Splendid homes from this golden period belong together with the summer races and famous music festivals to the tourist attractions.

Map of Newport, Rhode Island

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