Map of Portland, Oregon

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Portland (Oregon), largest city in Oregon, USA on the Willamette River located near the mouth of the Columbia River; 583,800 residents (2010). Portland, which has been an important port city since its founding in 1843, is an economic and cultural center. Together with a fast-growing computer industry (hence the popular name Silicon Forest), the wood and paper industry, metal industry and chemical industry are among the largest industries.

Panorama of Portland, Oregon's largest city

Following a much-needed renovation, downtown has become a tourist destination since the 1970’s. Attractions include the Portland Center for the Performing Arts and the architect Michael Graves’ controversial Public Service Building (1980-82). In the suburb of Beaverton is the headquarters of the Nike Group. Map of Portland, Oregon

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Eugene, town on the Willamette River in Oregon, USA; 156,200 residents (2010). After the railroad in 1870 and the founding of the University of Oregon in 1872, the city became a regional center of forestry and agriculture. The many students (20,000 at the university) make their mark on the city, which has a young and fast-growing population. The city claims to be the hotbed of the jogging movement and markets itself as the sports capital of the United States.

Map of Eugene, Oregon

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Salem (Oregon), the capital of Oregon, USA; 154,600 residents (2003). The city, which is part of the Portland metropolitan area, contains, in addition to the state administration, a number of higher education institutions, such as Willamette University (1842) and a department of Tokyo International University (1989).

Map of Salem, Oregon