Map of Billings, Montana

Largest Cities in Montana

Northern America


Billings, town on the Yellowstone River in Montana, USA; 104,200 residents (2010), grdl. as a railway town in 1882. The town – Montana’s largest – serves a huge, sparsely populated catchment area with cattle and sheep farms and large irrigated farms (sugar beets, wheat, vegetables). Billings is also the supply city for the nearby extraction of coal and oil. Map of Billings, Montana

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Butte, a mining town in Montana, USA; 34,200 residents (2010). Butte is located at an altitude of 1700 m and is one of the few American gold mining towns that has maintained its existence after the end of the gold fever era in the 1860’s and preserved a large mining industry – especially copper and silver. In Butte is the World Museum of Mining and a rebuilt mining town from the 1800’s.

Map of Butte, Montana

Great Falls

Great Falls, prairie town east of the Rocky Mountains in central Montana, USA; 58,500 residents (2010), 1015 masl The city, Montana’s second largest, was founded as a railway town in 1888 and named after the nearby waterfalls of the Missouri River. It serves a large catchment area and has a significant industry that processes agricultural products, oil and ore products, especially copper and zinc.

Map of Great Falls, Montana

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Bitterroot River in autumn


Helena, capital of Montana, USA; 28,180 residents (2010). It originated from gold discoveries in 1864 and was until around World War I a well-known and wealthy mining town with many millionaires. Back from the heyday, there are a number of mansion villas in the western part of the city. Today, in addition to state administration and trade in agricultural products, it has a lot of tourism due to a beautiful location near the Missouri River in the Rocky Mountains.

Map of Helena, Montana


Missoula, a town in the Rocky Mountains of western Montana, USA; 66,800 residents (2010). The city is located at an altitude of 982 m and houses the University of Montana, if approximately 15,000 students give it a lively feel.

Map of Missoula, Montana