ZTE Will Also Have a Smartwatch Compatible with Their Phones

Samsung opened the way with its Galaxy Gear, and will be reaching many more products, brands and other less present in our thinking. The Koreans have shown some of the potential that lies behind such devices, remains to be seen who is the first getting a round product, and who gets competitive products from the point of view of the price.

Chinese companies have much to say, especially when it comes to price. The first which has been pronounced is ZTE, He wants to throw his clock in the second quarter of 2014.

Lu Qianhao, marketing director of ZTE in an interview with the Wall Street Journal has given information. Also told that it will be similar to what we have already seen with Gear, but with a lower price. ZTE makes it clear that the philosophy of all their products is the living most of the possible audience reach.

But contradiction to that idea, the ZTE clock will only work with phones from the House – just released the Z5s Nubia and its mini version. Later study on how to make it compatible with more phones Android, maybe a different version of the product.

according to Homosociety, The first market in which will offer the intelligent clock – there is no name for the project – is China, then get to the United States and Europe.