What Tal Having Two Screens in a Smartwatch?

We mentioned it a few days ago, the smartwatches they went to the market driven by a strange need to have greater control over our notifications, where the reality is that it’s an extension of our smartphone and so far they are not presented as a viable option to be a truly independent device.

This is how they have begun to emerge projects looking to find the next great innovation in these clocks, therefore we have seen prototypes as the SkinTrack that extends the scope of the display to our skin; But from Proexchangerates we know a new attempt that brings an additional screen that is already incorporated in so-called smart watches.

Doppio, two screens for a single smartwatch reconfigurable

Doppio It’s just a concept created by the collaboration of three researchers from the three universities: Seyed Teddy at the University of Calgary, Yang Xing-Dong, of the University of Dartmouth, and Daniel Vogel of the University of Waterloo, who tried to reimagine what a smartwatch without the limitation of the size of the screen.

This prototype works with two touch screens, where the interesting part is that one of them can be moved either side of main screen attached to the belt, or place it above or below, or simply remove it. The mechanism is very basic since it relies on magnets, as well as tape that we assume it will be removed in the final version, this will allow us to expand the vision of the screen, as well as the functions of the interface and applications.

The concept is inspired by the Nintendo DS, which is believed that it could be used to provide for new features to watches, and they are not a simple complement or accessory. Of course this is just a concept in phase of development, which will be released during the next CHI Conference on human factors in computer systems, where they hope to receive support from some companies or investors who help develop more thoroughly this idea.