“We Were Close to Create a Smartwatch”

OnePlus landed yesterday in Madrid so that anyone who wanted it could know live and live his latest creation, the OnePlus 3. After visiting Manchester, London, Paris and Madrid during his EuroTour, the tour will come to Barcelona to continue his tour of France, Italy and Germany, among others.

Continuing with the launch of OnePlus One, OnePlus Two and OnePlus X, the Chinese company manufacturer of smartphones from 2013, he has given in this way the possibility of being able to touch the smartphone to those not yet it, something impossible so far by its exclusive commitment to online marketing. That bet, sales of its various terminals or the strategy to follow We have been able to ask Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus.

Dosing manufacture according to demand

Engadget Mobile: OnePlus 3 has just seen the light, you could tell us how are sales? Are being fulfilled forecasts that you have predicted?

Carl Pei: Well, it’s our best selling smartphones in length. When do a hardware, especially companies that are engaged in this, will be ruined because they have much more inventory than sales, but we have always had a pragmatic approach to the business and never wanted to produce in excess.

So we have been quite conservative with estimates of OnePlus 3 selling, even when they are being better than expected. If you browse our website, you can see that they there not even in stock, it’s all through prior order and it will be so in the future.

Engadget Mobile: With the OnePlus One, Two and Three seem to you have achieved significant sales, what has not worked as well the X?

Carl Pei: I think OnePlus X is a good product at a low price and the users attracted by the OnePlus One and Two have become our flagships. If you want to get new targets for clients of a new product you have to do a different type of mass marketing to reach this segment.

But as company does not know how to do mass marketing, we only do productos-bandera. If we would have given the product to another larger company for sale, I am sure that would have sold more units OnePlus x, but for us and our users seeking products star.

“I was very happy and surprised to see people using OnePlus on the plane flying to Madrid”

Engadget Mobile: In terms of sales, what are the main markets or countries for OnePlus?

Carl Pei: For now our focus is on Europe and India because they are the largest markets and regarding Europe, United Kingdom is the largest, while Spain is in the Top Five. In fact, in the aircraft that we fly to Madrid had some people using mobile OnePlus and I felt very happy and surprised, at the same time, because we don’t have so much markup here.

Engadget Mobile: More specifically, can we give your sales figures in Spain?

Carl Pei: The only time that we have discussed numbers with the OnePlus One, we said that we had sales exceeding one million and a half units. The reason why there are never more than this is not because sales are not growing, it is because we have seen many examples of incoherent in the technology industry.

Companies that tell you a great story and win much money then tell you a better story yet to win even more money, but in many cases all that false because it won’t have anyone checking how data has done the company.

Therefore, we do not want business to be the point of focus of people, want it to be the product. When we started OnePlus only we wanted to have a better product that any other Android, so if we speak too sales, people just going to look at that part.

International expansion, for later

Engadget Mobile: are there any forecast on your official landing in Latin America?

Carl Pei: Not at the moment. When we started OnePlus One we were very excited and we wanted to launch it by each country of the world as soon as possible, but if you look carefully and with attention you realize that there are countries such as Spain where we have between zero and one percent of market share.

Then, why should we go to all sides before being successful in every country in which we are already? For us improve and become big in Europe and India first is the most important thing before going to other new places. If we extend much focus, at the end you go direct to the failure.

OnePlus promotional bus yesterday afternoon in the commercial centre of the Valley shortly before its opening

Engadget Mobile: At the moment you are containing you enough when selecting devices throw you under your brand, there are plans or we will see soon OnePlus expanding its range of products, for example to wearables?

Carl Pei: I think there are many opportunities in business but also lot of pressure and when we speak with the media or the fans always ask us for new devices. But we are very pragmatic in our point of view on things and when we think about problems, we think of the root or the nucleus of them to keep thinking and thinking and find the truth under all.

We came close to create a smartwatch but in the end we decided to cut the project because it was perhaps not the right time. If you take a look at the smartwatch industry today, is even less than one million units sold globally, so if we had done it, we would have lost money since the market is very small.

“If you take a look at the smartwatch industry today, is even less than one million units sold globally”

I think there is a big difference between what is fashionable and what is in reality, because it makes a year and a half of the world was ilusionadisimo with the smartwatch and now nobody talks about them. a year ago they were talking of drone and now refers to the virtual reality (VR).

So I think that quick jump on trends can be a risky move, and therefore we are not planning any other category at the moment. We are focusing on making the best product and the flag of smartphones and, to be honest, our team is still very small, indeed we have no labour to do many things at the same time.

Engadget Mobile: You are still relying on sales exclusively online, we will see on occasion OnePlus smartphones in physical stores or margins do not give for this?

Carl Pei: Definitely there is no room to sell in stores for the reason that we deliver a product of such high quality as reasonably priced, is because there are no middlemen and sent direct to consumer.

This is why we try different things, people want to touch and feel the device and that is the reason for this European tour. Other countries prove to experiment with shippers and carriers, but the difference is that they do not really make money with the phone, are getting more and more subscriptions.

We are a very patient company and if you think with logic and give it enough time it is impossible even to introduce e-commerce as an important part of the lives of everyone. If we focus on this for the next five or ten years, the world will begin to use e-commerce more and more, and we have gotten us position for a time. If what you want is easy money, this is probably the wrong strategy.

Engadget Mobile: The system of invitations to get a OnePlus definitely disappeared with your last terminal and as you have stated it has been as well because you are able to forecast demand and meet it is being so?

Carl Pei: It is true that we foresee better but you can never predict 100% how will be the demand. When you’re a three-year-old company you must first establish trust in your customers. Recently started this system because we had not sold the smartphone in so many different countries and we didn’t know how it would develop everything, so we did it to find out.

But in our third year this excuse is not acceptable for any of our fans and is for this reason that we have approximately this way: what do users want?, what are your expectations? and how can we can meet those expectations?.

Engadget Mobile: still running your based solely on social networking and internet marketing strategy or you are already thinking in taking a step towards more conventional advertising?

Carl Pei: We are different in the way in which we come directly to the consumer without mediators, with a very small team and using few resources in marketing. We will not go to traditional marketing because I believe that the best thing we can do is to spend money to invest in product marketing. People can learn and learns things when exposed to new models.

“Even when the detail is too small to be appreciated from the moment that I see that you something is not right, we stopped and changed it until it is the best thing we can do.”

Engadget Mobile: So far terminals star they have separated in time by about a year, will continue to be so with the next?

Carl Pei: Being a small company has positive and negative things. The bad part is that we don’t have the same power of marketing or the same economies of scale; but the good part is that we can focus on one thing and do it well. I can get some examples of the One Plus 3:

People told us that the buttons were very comfortable and that is something we have done consciously, it is somewhat random, because we have seen much on how Apple manufactures its buttons and we have applied the same technique in our devices; curved screen is also becoming increasingly popular in our day but many smartphones have the curved screen and then the base with a salient quite uncomfortable, but we have tried to join the curved screen and base to be as unified as possible.

Sometimes it’s a little frustrating because many people don’t really know how much effort there is behind all this, but I also see people who purchase the product and remains impressed with it but do not know what is the reason of why it is so good. The reason is simply all these small combined details, but you don’t need to know every single reason.

That is what we mean by our slogan “Never Settle” (never settle): even when the detail is too small to be appreciated from the moment that we see that you something is not right, we stopped and changed it until it is the best we can do.

Here is the finished the interview with Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus. We can only thank the attention that he and his team they were with us in the event and the time we spent.search for more at pharmacylib