Vermont Travel Guide

Vermont Travel Guide

Northern America

Vermont is a state of the USA and is part of the New England states. It is the only New England state not directly on the Atlantic Ocean.

In autumn, Vermont shines with its colorful deciduous forests and you will find a wonderful Indian Summer here. With an area of ​​23,871 km², Vermont is the 6th smallest state in the USA.

It is best known for its leadership in maple syrup production, marble processing, the idyllic Green Mountains and Lake Champlain. This is how it got its nickname, the Green Mountain State. The mountains and lakes offer many opportunities for leisure activities.

Vermont borders Canada to the north with the Canadian province of Quebec, New York to the west, Massachusetts to the south, and New Hampshire to the east, where the Connecticut River forms the border. In 1791 Vermont became the 14th state of the USA. It was the first state to abolish slavery. Its capital is Montpelier, which does not have many residents. Montpelier is the seat of Washington County. The most populous city is Burlington.

Vermont is the state with the highest proportion of white people.

Vermont is also known for the inventors of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Two guys named Ben and Jerry invented crazy flavors of ice cream and opened the first Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop in a converted gas station in Burlington.

History of Vermont

During the colonial days of North America, Vermont was part of the New York colony. Originally, Vermont was the homeland of the Iroquois, Algonquian, and Abenaki Indian tribes. In 1609, the French explorer Samuel de Champlain declared the area around today’s Lake Champlain as “Les Verts Monts” – Green Mountains, in view of the mountains surrounding it.

The following Presidents were from Vermont: Chester A. Arthur was Vice President of the United States from March 4 to September 20, 1881 and then 21st President until March 4, 1885; and Calvin Coolidge was 30th President from 1923 to 1929 of the United States.

Vermont attractions

Sights in Vermont are the Bennington Museum, the Montshire Museum in Norwich, the American Precision Museum in Windsor, the Shelburne Museum and the Northeast Kingdom with largely untouched nature, clear lakes and dense mountain forests. The ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center in Burlington is popular with children.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

There are no UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Vermont.

Cities and larger towns in Vermont

South Burlington

Vermont Airports

Burlington International Airport / BTV

Mountains in Vermont

Appalachian Mountains
Green Mountains

Lakes and reservoirs in Vermont

Winooksi River
Connecticut River
Lake Champlain

University of Vermont

University of Vermont-Burlington


Montshire Museum of Science – world of science, nature and technology

The Montshire Museum is located in Norwich, Vermont, United States. Today it is one of northern New England’s most popular museums, attracting over 150,000 visitors annually.

Montshire Museum of Science is a science museum for the whole family, with every item on display being touchable and exploreable. More than 140 exhibits on natural and physical science such as ecology, mathematics, astronomy, mechanics, anatomy and natural history can be tested.

On the more than 110 hectares (445,000 m²) of land there is a nature trail next to the buildings. But also living exhibits, such as a beehive with honey bees and a colony of leafcutter ants. You can watch both of them at work in their building and hive.

On the grounds of the Montshire Museum there is also a Science Park with a scaled model of the solar system, Pluto is about 3 km away on foot. Another exhibition on the subject of light, sound and movement can be found on the outside of the museum with a whispering area and a music fence by Paul Matisse. There is also the Woodland Garden and a smart water park during the warm months (early May to mid-October).

In addition, the Montshire Museum offers a variety of programmes, activities and events for children, families, adults, school groups and teachers. The visitor’s mind and all senses should be activated.

History of the Montshire Museum

The Montshire Museum was founded in 1974 and opened in 1976 on the Connecticut River in Hanover, New Hampshire. In 1989, the Montshire Museum moved to Norwich, Vermont, replacing Dartmouth College’s Natural History Museum from which it inherited the collection. The museum name Montshire came from the two states: VerMONT and New HampSHIRE.

Exhibitions at the Montshire Museum of Science

The permanent exhibition includes more than 140 exhibits on a 100-hectare museum site. Discover the exciting world of science, nature and technology that surrounds you in the exhibitions at the Montshire Museum of Science. Exhibits are exchanged regularly. Here we have compiled the individual exhibitions in the Montshire Museum for you:

Air and Weather
Learn about air movement and weather. What happens when the air moves and how does it move. It is shown how a gentle summer breeze and a hurricane arise.

exhibits featuring creatures from the past and present. Ants, honey bees, salmon, turtles and many other animals and their habitat can be explored.

Featured Exhibits
More than 125 exciting exhibits in the field of natural science and physics are available to visitors at the Montshire Museum of Science.

Light and Sight
Learn about how we see at this Montshire exhibition on light and sight. Play with optical tricks. Many interesting questions are asked and demonstrated here such as: Can light bend around a corner? Can we see all forms of light?

Native Plants and the Environment
Flowers of the Connecticut River ecosystem and New England region are found here. It is shown why it is important to treat one’s country and its inhabitants with care.

Puzzles, Shapes, and Things that Move
Many interesting puzzles are presented to the visitor. Especially children find it interesting to get behind the different mysteries. It’s about shapes, geometry, machines, cranks, sounds and movements.

Sounds and Hearing
Find out about the sounds around you and learn how you hear. Different sounds are created and presented to the visitor. Try to hear someone whispering from 15 meters away, hear a rock make music and discover a sound fence.

The Earth and Astronomy
Take a walk and discover our solar system. Learn all about mountains, the earth, planets and the universe. In addition, the latest images from NASA and the Hubble Space Telescope are always shown.

Water and How It Moves
Many exhibits related to water and its movement are on display both indoors and outdoors at the Montshire Museum in Vermont. A smart water park is open outside, especially during the warm months.

Directions and opening times for the Montshire Museum in Norwich

The Montshire Museum is located off Interstate 91 at exit 13 in Norwich, Vermont, five miles north of White River Junction. There is free parking at the museum.

The Montshire Museum is open daily from 10am to 5pm all year round. It is only closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Address of the Montshire Museum attraction in Vermont

Montshire Museum
One Montshire Road
Norwich, VT 05055

Vermont Travel Guide