Venezuela Overview

Venezuela Overview

Southern America


Official name of the state

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.




As a country located in South America according to ezinereligion, Venezuela borders the Caribbean to the north, Guyana and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Brazil to the south and Colombia to the west and southwest. The country is divided into four regions: the highlands of the Andes in the west, the Maracaibo basin with the lake of the same name in the extreme northwest, the extensive Orinoco lowlands with the Llanos and the mountainous country of Guyana in the east and south, which makes up almost 50% of the Total area covered. Venezuela offers diverse landscapes that include deserts and swamps as well as snow-capped peaks and vast plains.


Presidential Federal Republic since 1961. New constitution from 1999. The National Assembly has 165 members. General elections are held every five years. Compulsory elective from 18 years. Independent since July 1811 (proclamation; former Spanish colony), finally in 1821. 1830 Separation from Greater Colombia.

Head of state

Nicolás Maduro, since April 2013.

Head of government

Nicolás Maduro, since April 2013.


120 V, 60 Hz. US plug, adapter required.

Time zone

Venezuelan Standard Time: CET -5

Venezuela Overview



The official language is Spanish. Indian languages are used regionally as a colloquial language. English, French, German and Portuguese are also partly spoken.



There are also regional holidays. Details from the embassy or the tourist office.



Precious stones, jewelry, cacique coins, gold, pearls, shoes, handbags, indigenous bows and arrows, mats, pipes, baskets, alpargatas (traditional local footwear of the campesinos) and chinchorros (hammocks).

Shop opening times:
Mon-Sat 9 am-1pm and 3 pm-7pm.



There are night clubs and discos in the larger cities. Concerts, ballet performances, plays, operas and operettas can be enjoyed in the National Theater and on the many city stages. Caracas also offers open-air theaters and cinemas.




In Caracas there are excellent hotels available to holidaymakers. There are many smaller hotels across the country; Advance booking recommended.

Hotels are classified into three categories. The more expensive the hotel, the more comfort it offers. There is no service charge and there are no seasonal price differences.
Hotels outside the capital are cheaper, but the standard is a little lower. More detailed information can be found in the Guía Turistica de Caracas Littoral y Venezuela, which is published by the Corporación de Turismo de Venezuela (see addresses).


There are no official campsites. You can pitch your tent on beaches, on islands, in the Llanos or in the mountains. Tour operators who offer jungle tours also sometimes organize camping trips.

Other accommodation options

Information available from: Hostelling International, Av. Lecuna Parque Central, Edif. Tajamar, Nivel OFC 1, Of. 107, Caracas (Tel: (02) 576 44 93) and Idiomas Vivos srl, Res.La Hacienda Local 1-4-T, Final Av. ppal. Las Mercedes, Aptdo. 80160, Caracas 1080. Tel: (02) 993 39 30.



Roman Catholic (96%). Protestant (2%), Orthodox and Jewish minorities.

Social rules of conduct

Manners: Shake hands to greet you. The abrazo, a combination of a hug and handshake, is also common.

Clothing: In Caracas, modest everyday clothing is appropriate. Men should wear suits to business meetings. In restaurants and on social occasions jackets and ties are expected. Clothing is more casual on the coast, but swimwear belongs on the beach.

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in closed public areas such as workplaces, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, discos etc.

Tip: The amount is usually at the guest’s discretion. Most bar and restaurant bills include a 10% service charge, another 5-10% is common. The hotel staff also expects a tip. Taxi drivers are tipped by rounding up the fare, for example when they help with luggage. In Caracas people tip more than in other parts of the country. Tour guides typically receive a 5-10% tip.


Best travel time

A tropical climate prevails in the plains and a temperate climate in the mountains. At altitudes above 2000 m it can get quite cold. Rainy season from May to December. The best time to travel to Venezuela is between August and October.


Area code +58 Area (sq km) 912050 Population 31 518 855 Population density (per sq km) 32 Population in 2016 Member of the EU No main emergency number 911