Top 10 Destinations for Brazilian Foods

Southern America

Brazil is multiple, culturally rich, with fertile soil and happy people. The country is full of unique tourist destinations. We know that in our travels, besides the beautiful landscapes and monuments, the taste marked in our taste buds generates incredible affective memories.

If you want to know a little better some of the main gastronomic centers to taste the delights of Brazilian food, stay with us! Check out our list of the main gastronomic destinations in the country.

Belo Horizonte

The bohemian capital of Minas Gerais, besides being charming and culturally busy, has a rich and very tasty cuisine. With many renowned restaurants and chefs, it is very well inserted in the gastronomic circuit of the country. It has several festivals that move the city around the good table.

From more traditional greengrocers to exquisite haute cuisine restaurants, whether from the taverns of the pubs to the abundance of luncheons made on the wood stove, Belo Horizonte cuisine has connoisseurs from all over the world. In 2019, it was recognized internationally and received the title of Creative City of Gastronomy, by UNESCO.

Besides being rich in history, it is also a very diverse cuisine that has been innovating. Departing from traditional stews, sweets and the famous tropeiro beans and cheese bread, BH stands out for its great bars, which serve varied portions, craft beers and lots of excellent quality brandy. Everything always served with great care and welcome, it is worth knowing!


Located in the south of the country, Florianópolis is the capital of the state of Santa Catarina, made up of the main island, Santa Catarina island and some small islands around. Besides the economy is well based on information technology, tourism is also one of the main arms of the market in the city. The cuisine could not be left out, and takes several tourists to the capital.


With over 100 registered beaches, its cuisine is based on fish and great bars and restaurants overlooking the sea. It was considered in 2009 by the New York Times as the destination of the year and among the 10 most dynamic cities in the world.

The tourist life in the city comes down deliciously in sun, sea and fresh fish! For this reason the gastronomy is typical of coastal cities. If you plan to go to Florianopolis you need to enjoy some typical dishes. Noteworthy are the fish pirão, the fried, stuffed or roasted mullet, and the crab in a cone or dumpling. But contemporary cuisine has also stood out here, with a number of bold and quality chefs. The city has a youthful bustle because of many universities, which propitiates a movement of modern cuisine.


Brasilia, besides being the political center and the federal capital of the country, is a modern and well developed city. With great traffic structure and geographical sectorization, it is located in the Midwest region of the country, known as Central Plateau. With its imposing buildings and very expressive architecture, it began to be planned in the mid-1950s by architect Lúcio Costa and also by the illustrious Oscar Niemeyer. It was inaugurated on April 21, 1960 by then President Juscelino Kubitschek.

Many think that Brasilia does not have so much tradition because it is a programmed and relatively new city, but they are wrong. The city’s cuisine is rich in dishes and fruit recipes from the Cerrado, which is the predominant biome in the central plateau. For example, mangaba, pequi, baru, araticum, cagaita, soursop, and cupuaçu all create delicious recipes and desserts.

In addition, pequi is one of the main ingredients of the famous rice with pequi, very common in the region. The fruit is versatile and still makes sweet dishes. Brasilia also has many renowned restaurants that sharpen the palates of tourists. Noteworthy are the French and Italians, as well as great steakhouses.


Capital of the state of Ceará, Fortaleza is known for its beautiful beaches, which have red cliffs, palm trees, dunes and lagoons. Folk city of tradition is the destination of many tourists, especially foreigners, who come to the city to enjoy its warm climate and beaches.

The cuisine here is typically northeastern. It is based on fishing, livestock and some agricultural crops. From the fishing come wonderful dishes with lobsters, various dishes of seafood, shrimps and crabs, and stews. Another highlight is the cassava, or cassava, present in various dishes. Real success is the two baião, with butter and curd cheese.

The city has great seafront restaurants that conquer anyone. Enjoying beautiful dishes with stunning landscapes makes the dining experience even better! Other elements are sugar cane and beef jerky. Dishes, festivals, traditional tents, seafront bars and a busy night make Fortaleza a highly acclaimed gastronomic destination.


Maceió has breathtaking landscapes, which soon the hospitality returns. Capital of Alagoas, is considered by international jury the American Capital of Culture. It has many festivities that attract thousands of tourists every year next year, of course, beautiful city that is, for its cultural manifestation and lively festivities, as well as to taste the delights of Brazilian food.

The parties are the main activities that move the city, such as Maceió Forró and Folia, Maceió Summer, among others. It is considered the “Smile City” and also the “Brazilian Caribbean”. The highlight is the hearty breakfast of sun, couscous and manioc. Tapioca fish, broths and popsicles are also successful here!

It is worth placing Maceió among one of the destinations in your next trip. You will love to know this beautiful city and its gastronomic delights.


Municipality and capital of Pernambuco, Recife is known for its alluvial plain, its beautiful islands, peninsulas and mangroves, lush nature! Boa Viagem beach is one of the main beaches in Recife, known as one of the most beautiful urban beaches in Brazil.

The cultural variety of this gastronomic destination ranges from its cuisine to the culture and festivities of the place. In addition to restaurants, many typical dishes stand out in the diversity of Brazilian food, such as Peixada Pernambucana, Galinha a Cabidela and Arrumadinho. There is also a wide variety of fruit grown here: coconut and various recipes made with it.

Jams, jellies, candies, roll cake and Cartola, the famous dessert that tourists love, found in many festivals, stalls and patisseries. June parties also move the city: multiple recipes with corn are appreciated. On New Year’s Eve drinks like champagne are the favorite of the moment. All this with a very lively frevo.

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the capital of the state of Sao Paulo and more than that, it is the financial center of the country. It is one of the most populous cities in the world, having a rich architectural tradition, not to mention the various cultural monuments. In addition to all this effervescence, it is one of the largest gastronomic destinations in Brazil.

Sao Paulo

In addition to the most varied gastronomy festivals, scattered around the city and addressing various themes and dishes of cuisine, Sao Paulo pleases from its very well-prepared, juicy and cheap street foods, to the most refined restaurants of haute cuisine.

Because the city is multicultural and welcomes people from all over the world, it has a very wide cuisine, from typical dishes brought by immigrants, such as Italians and Portuguese, to rereading and innovations of contemporary cuisine. Many neighborhoods have specific gastronomic characteristics, marked by this immigration, but that blend with the Brazilian way of improving everything. When you come to this destination, enjoy the best of Brazilian food!

Rio de Janeiro

In addition to being the state capital of the same name, Rio de Janeiro is the wonderful city, adored and acclaimed by tourists from all over the world. And it could not be different! The city has wonderful landscapes with each step. The coastal city is famous not only for its beautiful beaches such as Copacabana and Ipanema, and for the statue of Christ the Redeemer, as well as for its favelas, from which a very prominent culture comes.

The city’s lively and grand carnival, with its floats and lots of samba, is a worldwide attraction that attracts tourists from all over the country and the world. In addition, visitors can also enjoy all the dining options the city offers.

On the streets there are cafeterias and bars scattered around, democratic spaces for tasting beautiful dishes, portions and that good cold beer, which every carioca appreciates. In addition to these more informal snacks, several fine restaurants appeal to the most demanding palates.

Stand out dishes made with cod, coming from the Portuguese colonization. The feijoada has gained consistency here with the black beans and the biscuit sprinkles from beach to beach. But Cariocas are very open to outside influences in their cuisine, making it rich and diverse. Try it!



Capital of the state of Bahia in northeastern Brazil, Salvador is known for its colonial architecture, coming from Portugal, and mixes the African cultures brought to Brazil. The highlight is the Pelourinho neighborhood, the heart of Salvador, a historical point of great cultural effervescence, filled with tents with that delicious and spicy acarajé that attracts many tourists.

With a taste for strong spices, Bahians do not skimp on pepper and palm oil! A rich cuisine of recipes with fish, plants and fruits, as well as Bahian moqueca, green papaya candy, Hauçá rice and vatapá and cocada candy. Delights you will enjoy on your visit to this beautiful city!

Ribeirão Preto

Ribeirão Preto is a Brazilian municipality located in the interior of the state of São Paulo. Belonging to the Ribeirão Preto mesoregion, it is one of the most developed regions in Brazil, attracting eyes from all over the country.

It is known as “California Brasileira” and the Capital of Chopp, so you can already imagine that the city is full of beer bars, bars and craft beer factories. And what goes well with a beer are beautiful hamburgers, portions and various snacks, as well as cuts of noble meats and tasty barbecues.

In addition, it has an international quality cuisine and a busy night, with flavors and entertainment for all tastes.