Three Rings to Rule Them All: The Challenge of The Perfect Apple Watch Week

The wearables are a category that three years ago barely existed. The category is just taking its first steps and the consumers are starting to find out what they. What gives us a piece of technology in our body.

The first companies to try to give you an answer were Nike, Fitbit and Jawbone among others. Taking advantage of the proximity and attachment to the body, they created devices that quantified physical activity using different parameters. Steps, calories burned, distance traveled and even heart rate.

The great enemy of the wearables

While there is more people who have acquired one of these devices, there is an obstacle that late or early they encounter: the abandonment. According to a study last year, somewhat outdated already for the young which is this category, a third of the owners of a wearable end up abandoning it at 12 months.

In my case, last year had a Fitbit Flex bracelet that I enjoyed for 6 months. Arrived August, one day I took it to load and never returned me to put. As pointed out some readers in the comments, I simply got bored of the device.

The information that I provided was not as valuable to counteract the “effort” bring it put. I think one of its shortcomings was little integration between the app and the bracelet. The app was unclear, showed no useful information and presented it to me in a way that could be understood quickly.

Whatever the reason behind the abandonment of the wearables, the truth is that keep the interest of the user to take it every day is his great challenge. Apple Watch is another device that also must deal with this problem. And it seems that Apple has come up with the solution.

So it engages you Apple Watch

Simplicity and visual appeal are the secret of these rings

Since I received the Apple Watch, I was very curious to know what would be its physical quantification capabilities. The most striking difference is that It focuses not only on measurement steps as the cornerstone of our business. Instead, it has three types of activity represented by three different rings:

  • Foot: measure how many hours have been at least once of foot, with a goal of 12 hours a day.
  • Physical activity: its objective is that we move up to 30 minutes a day, so there will be any activity above a fast ride.
  • Calories: it is the only one that we can customize, although Apple Watch suggests a daily level based on a few parameters such as weight, height, age or gender.

These rings they are completing as the day progresses and we can consult them at any time from the activity app, glance or its complications (only in some watchfaces). Confess: complete those rings has become almost an obsession.

I does not care about the medals or the number of steps I take every day. Only to see that those rings are completing. Especially the of standing, which is the simplest complete and at the same time the more complicated because you must only put you foot, but it must be done throughout the day. Two were can reach others with half an hour of more or less intense exercise.

The challenge of the perfect week

I think that Apple has managed a series of incentives to make users want to wear Apple Watch every day. For some medals, rings of activity or future apps will be third-party that will come with 2 watchOS, but the truth is that they know how to do to maintain interest in their wearable.

For someone who works from home in front of a computer, how comfortable and easy is to spend all day sitting. Let pass the hours in front of the screen unless you realize. As our colleague Miguel López commented, Apple Watch has made me see the amount of time that passed without get out of the Chair to stretch your legs. Every hour that I spend sitting I get invisible on the wrist touch so I stand and walk for at least one minute. How to present the information is as important as what kind of data you register

This is that a few days ago I decided to complete all the rings of activity for a week. It is interesting to see how this challenge forces you to change habits and, above all, to be more cautious. Nobody wants to go running to 11 of the night for 20 minutes. Instead, you just doing exercise in the morning or in the afternoon.

Complete rings you “forces” to get the Watch just get up start to count the hours of circle “foot” as soon as possible. That Apple has managed that we want to use your wearable all day It is a big step forward for this category. And if in the process does a little healthier our everyday life, better.