The Smartwatch of Microsoft, Closer to and Compatible with IOS and Android, According to Forbes

After the experience with Surface, whose last member is all a bold proposal for the company, Microsoft prepares his assault to the world of the smartwatch. It is Forbes is the one who gives us more details of this movement which for now is not confirmed and he is talking about since last year.

In fact, we can go to further back because it would surprise us in this supposed next departure of the Microsoft Advanced clock, they had nothing to do Nokia, of which we have heard rumors advanced watches and even interesting long concepts until everyone is interested by this segment.

Compatible with iOS and Android and heart rate meter

The smartwatch of Microsoft would include different sensors, including one of heart rate that it would measure our heart rate continuously, which has counted with an expert of the Kinect the company division. That would be one of the distinguishing elements of this smartwatch from Microsoft, which would have also included the screen on the inside of the bracelet to offer more privacy in data. That screen, color, would be tactile and the size of the Gear Fit for Samsung.

according to Internetsailors,The battery would have a duration of two days, and the device would not be limited to be compatible with smartphones with Windows Phone but also with Android and iOS.

The availability of this new gadget, Forbes points to a date that seems too close to us: This summer. It’ll be.