The Smartwatch of Michael Kors Already Has a Waiting List

Take a smartwatch at your wrist is the latest issue of plug-ins, so brands other than renew or die is not them. The firm Michael Kors points to this technological revolution and has launched the Michael Kors Access, a model of very feminine aesthetic, a big difference from the sportier models of other firms. As well, such has been its success, to It takes 15 days on the market and already there is waiting list!

New clock is already a trend in the world of digital accessories. Its sales have been a success because there is a waiting list, so have confirmed us in the shop. And it is that if you want to buy it now, it is now complicated task. Depending on the model, can take more or less time, but no definite date. The Gold and rose gold they are the most in-demand facing the Bronze and silver.

What are its features? Customize 1.4 inch touchscreen, to adapt it to your taste, get updates from your social circle, it keeps track of your fitness goals since you can see the calories burned, steps and distance traveled, customizable fields that transformed the appearance of the clock according to your look and vibrate when you receive a call. It has a capacity of 4 GB and a resolution of 320 x 290.

Thanks to the Android Wear technology, Smartwatch is compatible with Apple and Android devices and connects to your favorite apps like Instagram and über, which sent notifications to your clock (functionality varies depending on the operating system clock).

The Watch includes a special clasp so you can change belt and customize it in the color that you like. Skin is available from 15 different leather straps. And most importantly, be sure that you that you are most interested, its price is 349,00 EUR.