The Smartwatch Will Have Glucose and Ultraviolet Radiation Sensors

We return to receive rumors about the so-called Microsoft smartwatch that it would come out to the market in October this year. We already knew that this device would be compatible with phones Android and iPhone, at the same time with Windows Phone. Now also have information more detailed above the sensors you will need the Remdond smartwatch.

According to exclusive sources of IB Times site Barblejewelry, the smartwatch would have a sensor of ultraviolet radiation, that you alert users when levels are too high, to thus protect and prevent damage to the skin. It would also include a sensor of glucose in order to help those who suffer from diabetes.

This confirms the idea that this smartwatch will have a strong emphasis on health and personal well-being, before which other features (without forgetting the notifications of messages, calls, etc), being a product of Samsung Gear Fit style, but gaining in number of sensors and compatibility with other platforms.

According to the strategic redefinition of Microsoft, established by Satya Nadella, the objective of this device should be create a new market for ‘wearables’ and smartwatches with Windows, creating demand where today there is.

This strategy makes sense if we consider that recently launched the kit of development of Windows to the “internet of things”, that it would cover to devices such as the smartwatches. So, Microsoft would give a first step when manufacturing a smartwatch that makes use of the Windows platform, in order that in future other manufacturers dare to also create their own, or to extend the capabilities of these applications by.