The Rumor about a Google Watch Today Cobra Force

As you know, Engadget is present in San Francisco to tell you from six in the afternoon today all that Google will show in your I/O 2013. As well, in the “cliques” prior to the event, the rumor that Google plans to teach today same your smart watch gets strong.

Ears of Engadget have become interesting facts that speak of as was the year spent this afternoon with the Google Glasses, the search engine giant would have prepared its advanced clock to teach him and show their potential. The aim is that developers can get to work on it as soon as possible.

Google Glasses and Now as inspiration

Operating under a light version of Android, the Google Watch would take much previous work already done in interface and applications of the Glasses, and I would add all of the value that is you sensed a Google Now, one of the most powerful services and future of Google. Take all that information at wrist gadget sounds very tempting. And if last year dared with glasses, why not think that the clock strike today?

About possible this Google watch manufacturer, Motorola is sounding more. Not in vain it would not be the first time that the company remove something with that for more at Businesscarriers