Street Photography with a Smartwatch in Serio?

I love those challenges of Digital Review TV where put to the test the ability of certain name photographers urging them to take photographs with cheap cameras. And I like it because whenever I see a new proposal gives me for analyze many aspects of photography. To think about how it affects us this discipline through many factors.

On this occasion the challenge proposed it to Gary Tyson, accustomed to photojournalism, who has had to walk the streets with a “beautiful” Pink wrist device It is on sale for $42. It is obviously not a Apple Watch, but on the basis of the results to reflect on the photographic image, let’s see that more than is enough.

The challenges of Digital Review tries to insist on the idea that to make good pictures that matters is the eye of the photographer and not the quality of the camera. Well, I think that that premise It emphasizes to perfection with this kind of videos, but since our Western eyes precisely in these experiments come into play many more factors.

For example, the stage make the streets of cities like Shanghai much help dress up a halo interesting and suggestive photographs. Especially for the street theme, where we are characters to which do not have access from our latitudes. This on the one hand, and on the other that photographers who proposed the challenge have enough tables to know where move when testing this kind of devices.

If we look at photographs that Gary Tyson is taking on your excursion by the city, except for quality level resolution, could perfectly make a catalog of street photography. Nearby planes, attractive angles, looks escaping from the camera along with others that look directly, common in this kind of genre, in short nothing that does not let us lack when it comes to bring us closer to this type of work.

In addition, in this particular case, not even used the “benefits” of this camera as an element spyware, since in many of intakes is the photographer who ask the subject if can take you a photo, closely related to what you can do when you work with a conventional camera. Is perhaps a little Deconstructing this kind of videos removing them more importance than they have, but I like to be able to reflect on the Act of photographing and the final image regardless of the device with which it is taken.

For those unfamiliar with Digital Review, I invite you to take a tour of the challenges videos, a way of approaching the figure of important photographers within this profession, see how they work in conditions that are a priori the most appropriate by the use of cheap cameras, and think If truly we are vendiento the bike or they are good practices to promote the idea from Bestitude that the photographer is more important than the camera.

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