Socks Detected When Te Sleep and Pause Watching on Netflix

Saturday night, after an intense week of work we have to see this series that we have postponed it for several months, so We prepare everything for a marathon, Smartphone in silence, glass of wine and our favorite sofa. But fatigue us expires in the chapter 3 and the series continues its course, when we wake up, we see that we are in the chapter 10, and we have lost us all.

To this end, Netflix offers us an ingenious solution for all those makers, the ‘ Netflix socks’ which are some socks they are able to pause our favorite if it is that we fall asleep, so won’t miss any detail of our series or favorite movie.

They keep your feet warm and know when you’ve been sleeping

The process is extremely attractive, and is explained in full detail on the Netflix website. This boot from knitting socks, for this, we will be able to download one variety of templates with designs inspired by the original series from Netflix.

The system is based on an Arduino board and is inspired by the system of sleep detection”actigrafia”, where an accelerometer detects when there is no movement for a long period of time and sends a signal to the TV to pause Netflix. Prior to this, installed in the sock LED flashes indicating it is for sending the signal to the TV, with this we can move the foot and cancel the signal.

The design is complemented with an infrared sensor, battery, button for manual use and accelerometer, this installed on a piece of cloth which is placed inside a sock. A curious idea and where the people of Netflix is inviting all those creative that show your designs and implement new features, and if they are the most attractive ideas, publish them on the web eHotelat with credit.