Siri at Apple Watch: How It Works and Has Room for Improvement for The Future

One of the characteristics that makes more sense when you are trying to get used to the Apple Watch is Siri. The Cupertino company has been concerned to move this feature to its new accessory, making us entering a time that little is already far to appear at Star Trek wrist communicators.

Yes, I know that you have the wizard quite useful on the iPhone, but when interaction is reduced to lifting the wrist, the experience is much more instantaneous. Put another way, they enter you more eager to use it. If you don’t have a Watch and want to know the difference between give voice commands to phone and make them watch, keep reading.

We can invoke to Siri in the Apple Watch saying “Hey, Siri” as we raise the wrist or by pressing a second on the digital Crown

There are two ways to invoke the Wizard after lifting the wrist: by pressing the digital crown for a second or saying “Hey, Siri”. The display will change from interface, but the key is to wait for the vibration of the Watch to start talking.. It is a reliable signal that the clock is ready to receive our order. After using it a few weeks, I have to say that sometimes it ends hear us too soon and therefore not well interpreted our order, but well understood our words and response speed is acceptable.

And that is capable of meeting Siri from Apple Watch? Not everything which can be done from our iPhone, but yes for just what is needed most: quick questions that may also have quick answers. What moisture is there in Barcelona? Wake me at nine o’clock tomorrow. It begins a count down ten minutes. Tell Henry that I’m late. Play something Madonna. The answers, however, appear on the screen while the wizard say nothing. They understood that using the watch can be in a place where it wouldn’t be pleasant is to tell us something, and thus also saves battery.

For other things, on the other hand, Siri told kindly that we must continue on the phone using Handoff. The Assistant is responsible for placing a shortcut on the locked iPhone screen, to go to the application that you need directly by sliding your finger up from that icon. It happens when for example we say to Apple Watch that we want to initiate a FaceTime.

Approved with note, but room for improvement

General experience using Siri from Apple Watch, regardless of the mode that we invoke it, is good. We need to get used to the mechanics so not confuse us, but it is something that is achieved in a short time with a few tests.

What perhaps would require, in addition to new orders that already come with the release of Watch OS 2, is more speed. Several times I have been holding the wrist seam during what I consider is too long, but nor is it something that causes me to stop using Siri in the Apple Watch and also It depends on the coverage that we have at this time. Another positive point is that while Siri is thought the response, we can lower the wrist. When we ask again the clock we will have the answer on screen without interrupted order.

So if I have to summarize everything in one sentence, I can say that overall experience is good once you learn to use it well and the “brag factor’ is perfectly fulfilled. Not all things we can do with the Apple Watch are achieved with Siri, but that most of them benefit greatly from the wizard.