SevenFriday, Dietrich Watches + “Bonus Track”

Whenever we talk about mechanical watches with exceptional design component inevitably leads to budgets so loose that even sometimes can become obscene. I think we’ve all dreamed – and the lucky ones, you will have enjoyed – the creations of Richard Mille, Linde Werdelin or Urwerk.Watches brands born in order to break with the classicism of mechanical watchmaking proposing new ways of measuring time. But innovation is synonymous of €€€, or at least was until now …

Instagram daughters and Japanese heart. It is a possible definition of this new batch of brands looking to break the axiom “Innovative = Caro”. Social networks have allowed them to run successful marketing campaigns, achieving great popularity with a paltry investment when compared with marketing budgets of any other brand of “establishment”. Automatic movements manufactured in Japan by Miyota provide them with a “motor” that although short on finishes, are as reliable and accurate as their Swiss counterparts ETASA or Sellita (Obviously the mechanics of the Richard Mille and Urwerk are not comparable with those ).

Discover the details of three clocks that should be on the radar of any fan – even if you have a great Pateks collection – and all for a retail price of 600 € and 1300 €.

Sevenfriday P1B-1

The first watches Sevenfriday saw the light summer 2003. His great impact on Instagram, with the help of the popular collector Watchanish, catapulted them to success. Now the brand is expanding its catalog hold with two new collections of watches.

The Sevenfriday P1B-1 presents a steel box with a characteristic “cushion”. The strap is integrated into the box which improves hergonomía despite being a watch 47mm.

Equipped with a mechanical movement Miyota, of Japanese origin, with indicator seconds at 4h and 24h indicator at 10. The design work to show signs descritad original form is remarkable.

More info: Sevenfriday Watches

Dietrich OT-1


Created by Emmanuel Dietrich, a renowned industrial designer who had already made several forays into the world of watchmaking Hand Hermès and Calvin Klein Watches.

Dietrich OT-1 presents a steel box of organic lines and a quasi-hexagonal. Its generous size and height make it easily recognizable on the wrist.

Under the sapphire crystal highlights the X-shaped bridge that serves as a support for the hour and minute hands. Located 4 hours found the star-shaped seconds. At 10 am we will see in the background the indicator 24 hours.

Bonus: ANCON Watches


ANCON catalog include several models of those who are commonly called “homage” which do not stop being “reproductions” of popular vintage models.

But the clock has caught our attention is called X-35 Concept II. Not without many similarities with the Sevenfriday, especially its field, and its box reminds the Linde Werdelin SpidoLite .

The machinery is again the same Miyota using Sevenfriday and Dietrich but have chosen to “transform” the indicator 24 by an indicator day / night (as easy as replacing the hours by a moon and sun), a detail – in my opinion – nice.