Samsung Wants Its Next Smartwatch Project a Virtual Interface

The world of patents It can be very interesting and also very misleading, since we can serve to give a look to future devices, but also there is a risk that never comes true, since a patent does not guarantee that we see this technology applied on any device.

And while there are patents for every idea that arises in the mind of someone, you have to pay attention to those that are requested by big companies, because it is here where we can see a bit of the path they are taking. Now with the case of Samsung, to whom it has granted a new patent to make use of a smartwatches projection technology.

Solving the problem of the size of the screen

A few days ago we saw a project that sought to use the skin of our hand and arm to interact with a smartwatch, this to expand the possibilities and features of the interface, since as we know, one of the major problems when using a clock is to be able work on a small screen.

But now the idea of Samsung goes beyond, now that low the same idea of expanding possibilities of the interface, presents a laser projection system I would use the skin of our hand and arm as an extension to the interface, so that we could watch what they are playing.

This system would make it possible to have virtual buttons on fingers, new menus in the arm, a larger keyboard on hand, and other functions, but in addition, we would have the possibility of interact with these projections, Thanks to a light sensors that detected during the area where we are playing and would determine the function that we are activating to have a response.

Another interesting point that designates this patent, is projected not only in skin, but also on other surfaces such as walls, doors or tables, where we could use the watch as laptop ready to any presentation. On the other hand, this system of projection is not limited solely to smartwatches, since according to the images, this It could be implemented even in virtual reality glasses.