Richard Mille: RM 50-03 Tourbillon Split Seconds Chronograph Ultralight Mclaren F1 – SIHH 2017 [Update: New Color, Video, Price]

The Lightest Chronograph In The World

Richard Mille presenteda new drag-and- drop chronograph, which was developed in collaboration with McLaren-Honda,at the Geneva Watchmaking Fair in 2017. The RM 50-03 Tourbillon Split Seconds Chronograph Ultralight McLaren F1 has a 49.65 millimeter to 44.50 millimeter housing made of a mix of titanium, carbon and graphene. On the SIHH 2017 the prototype of the timepiece was shown with a red bracelet and red color accents. The commercial version comes with orange accents on a black or orange ribbon.

Graphene is a modified form of carbon and six times lighter and 200 times more stable than steel. McLaren is working on this material for its own racing cars. The lightest chronograph in the world comes with these body materials to a total weight of just under 40 grams.

Even the RM 50-03 manual balancer with manual lift is the ultimate. Richard Mille’s weight of just seven grams is achieved by the use of titanium and carbon. In addition, many components of the movement are skeletal. The caliber of the new McLaren F1 features a tourbillon and a trailing chronograph. At twelve o’clock the remaining energy of the 70-hour gear reserve is displayed. The designers were inspired by the fuel displays of a McLaren racing car to design this ad.
The RM 50-03 McLaren F1 produces Richard Mille in a limited edition of 75 copies. Each piece is delivered on a rubber strip in which the material graphene has also been incorporated. Each watch comes with a 1: 5 model of a McLaren Honda racing car. The lightest chronograph in the world costs 1,085,000 euros.