Possible Corrections for IOS 7 and the Tendency of Smartwatch

The week always is full of news, events, news and all kinds of rumors related to the world of mobile telephony, but that is something that you already know, at least those who are regular readers of Engadget Mobile.

Unfortunately, not can encompass, sometimes as much accurate information. Lucky we have a Galaxy Engadget Mobile ready to remind us of the best that has been to the length and breadth of our particular “Galaxy Engadget” is time to give him his deserved weekly review at opelikafashion.

  • Our colleagues from Quiviger tell us about the future of mobile payments, the next step in this regard is to standardize the exchange of money between people using this method of payment, as we explained in an interesting article.
  • We are enjoying the recent arrival of 7 iOS mobile devices from Apple and its new design, but is it really positive all of the change made to the system? In Applesfera They show us that there are certain risks that Apple should pay attention in this new system.
  • Your life can sometimes be a both uphill because of lack of practice hours and the accumulation of tasks to be resolved on a daily basis. In Technology for you to you of El Corte Inglés they bring us a collection of the best managers of mobile tasks, which will help you in this task.
  • We already know that Siri, the smart Wizard for Apple, one of the most popular features of iOS, voice is unique… or not? In Annex M show us a series of very similar to Siri alternatives.
  • Do you know what is a SoC, chipset, CPU, a GPU? No? Don’t worry, in the Space Qualcomm of Engadget Mobile listed you what each part of the interior of a mobile terminal current and what is. A highly recommended reading.
  • The race to launch the ideal SmartWatch is a reality, and evidenced by the companies drop-outs, which are launching such devices with higher intentions to face the future. In 1001 experiences they reflect on this new trend.

It’s over our weekly review of the best of the blogosphere “xatakera”. Good weekend all.