Orsto: Q2 Smartwatch for $65

The startup Orsto collects currently via Kickstarter money for his Smartwatch names Q2. Both Android and iOS users can get hold of the watch for $ 99 dollars.

The competition is of course, nevertheless, there are also smaller companies and startups who want to assert themselves the market with new Smartwatches on the. To do this the team around Orsto is joined by now, on the Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter would take money for their Q2 Smartwatch. Last but not least, Pebble was repeatedly successful with this. Approximately 6 weeks the project where $30,000 should be collected up to bring the smart clock in the production runs.

Android and iOS

Here you can get for $ 99 dollars. For your money you get a Smartwatch that Moto 360 resembles somewhat the design. There are different colors and bracelets that can be selected. Both iOS as well Android users can the wearable pair with their Smartphone and the messages or calls directly on your wrist reading, or answer. Support should also follow Windows phone and BlackBerry.

Gesture control and music player

Via gesture control, it can be also operated the Smartwatch, so that one is not necessarily instructed on the screen. The common sensors are installed in the Q2, which include, for example, the steps and thus calculate the distance travelled. Also is suitable also for water rats. Another feature is the built-in music player. The battery life is between 2-4 days, and it comes naturally here on the common features arrives. It remains to be seen how the clock on the market can claim, of the functions and the lens from the Q2 Smartwatch leaves a very positive impression.