Nokia Moonraker, the Smartwatch Cancelled Shows for the First Time

Do you remember when Nokia was acquired by Microsoft? Well, at that distant September 2013 promised us that Finland would keep much of its essence and the idea was a win – win, where Nokia would be more competitive against the onslaught of Android and Microsoft could enter into the growing mobile market. Now we all know what happened.

Before Nokia was part of Microsoft had many projects, among them was the smartwatch known under the code name ‘Moonraker’, of which we saw early footage more than one year ago, but today we can see more of this watch that ultimately never came to light, thanks to a video that has just appeared on the internet.

Cancelled to give life to the Microsoft Band (now also cancelled)

When Microsoft took the reins of Nokia, Moonraker is planned to come out on sale in 2014 along with Lumia 930, but in Redmond had a better idea, It was to resume much of the capabilities of this watch and adapt them to a bracelet cuantificadora that would have a more stylized design and some features of Nokia clock.

It is as well as later would come the Microsoft Band, and this represented the cancellation of the Moonraker project, since they considered that Nokia clock might affect sales of the Band, because that then Microsoft wanted to bet on a single wearable. Again, we see today that perhaps it wasn’t the best idea, since a few days ago confirmed that Microsoft abandoned development of the Band and their presence in the wearables.

Now, thanks to this video we have a clearer idea of how it worked and how was this smartwatch, where most notable were its functions of quantifier, since both the design and the interface were very basic, with sober appearance and box square, very similar to the first Sony clocks.

In its interface we can see the classic functions of email, notifications, music, among others, the entire operation was based on gestures and perhaps the most interesting is the lower physical button, which gave access to other screens to access other features of the watch.