Millennium Park in Chicago

Millennium Park in Chicago

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Millennium Park in Chicago (Chicago, USA): detailed description, address and photo. Opportunities for sports and recreation, infrastructure, cafes and restaurants in the park. Reviews of tourists.

The modern public Millennium Park relatively recently became part of Chicago’s Grant Park, which is located on the shores of Lake Michigan. It took six whole years to turn the industrial zone into an oasis, combining unique natural and architectural expositions, interesting installations and secluded picturesque corners. The construction of the park began in 1997 and was planned to be completed within three years. A significant area of ​​9.9 hectares was allocated for construction on the site of technical sites and the parking lot of the Illinois Central railroad depot. Moreover, the entire urban infrastructure was not destroyed, but simply remained under the park area, Millennium Park itself, in fact, became a huge green roof. A lot of money was invested in the reorganization of the space: it was planned to spend about $150 million on the original project, but in the end this amount tripled. However, the city authorities expect the park to gradually pay off due to the growth of tourism.  See citypopulationreview for state facts, symbols and history of South Dakota.

Millennium Park is wonderful because visitors with completely different preferences, habits and interests will find something to their liking here.

The name of the park is associated with the celebration of the new millennium, to which, in fact, it was planned to coincide with its opening. However, soon the fairy tale tells, but the deed is not done soon – the park was opened four years late from the plan, in July 2004, but the name was decided to remain the same.

The modern history of Millennium Park is quite successful. It not only occupies a leading position in terms of attendance in Chicago, competing with the recreational Navy Pier (Navy Pier), but already in its first year managed to win more than 30 awards in the field of urban planning and park art.

What to see and do

Millennium Park is wonderful because visitors with completely different preferences, habits and interests will find something to their liking here. You can enrich yourself spiritually at the exhibition of contemporary art at the Boeing Gallery, which presents major forms of contemporary art on its terraces. Have fun and have fun – next to the interactive Crown Fountain fountains 15 m high.

Images of ordinary Chicagoans on glass cubes periodically “make faces” and start pouring water on admiring spectators.

The Cloud Gate sculpture or, as Chicagoans themselves called it, “bean” or “bean”, is a huge figure covered with polished stainless steel plates, reflecting the photogenic skyscrapers of the Chicago city line, the clouds over Lake Michigan, as well as all the people passing by. No one can resist the temptation to walk under the concave arch of the “bean”, while getting lost in space.

The sculpture is installed on the large AT&T Plaza, where a large Christmas market is held in winter.

The Tribune Plaza & Ice Rink and Park Grill features a free ice skating rink from November to March, and hosts a variety of food and music events during the summer. There are two restaurants – the open Park Grill Plaza and the closed The Park Grill Restaurant, accommodating a record number of guests.

You can also walk along the winding bridge in the park, enjoy the beauty of the Lurie Garden, listen to a music concert at the Pritzker Pavilion, or attend a performance at the Harris Theater. And who knows what else the organizers of the park will come up with in the coming season?

Useful information

Адрес: Chicago, between Michigan Ave & Columbus Ave, E. Randolph St., 201.

Phone: +1 (312) 742-11-68.

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 6:00 – 23:00.

Free admission.

If this is your first time in the park, check out the Welcome Center, whose specialists will help you plan your visit and make the most convenient plan for visiting the park.

Center opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 9:00 – 19:00 (summer), Monday – Sunday: 9:00 – 16:00 (winter).

How to get there: Chicago Millennium Park is located in the city center, on the northwestern territory of Grant Park. There are two metro stations nearby: Randolf/Wabash and Adams/Wabash.

Millennium Park in Chicago