Microsoft Opens the Door to Smartwatches, Covers and Other Accessories

One of the expected developments of the Update 1 for Windows 8.1 Phone It was the arrival of accessories such as the interactive support. And so it has been. Microsoft has incorporated into your mobile system settings a section to enable applications of different accessories to leverage connectivity to our smartphones.

In this new section of configuration you can enable or disable the notifications for applications related to Accessories, such as the above cases or the long expected smartwatches. By activating its notifications, these accessories can receive information from the, including text messages or caller ID.

Delving a little more in the corresponding API, Jeremy Sinclair, developer of CloudMuzik, has discovered the level of synchronization that Windows Phone will allow these accessories. Since they are you can, for example, respond hang up calls, accept reject video calls or change the mode of your phone without having to go to the.

What happens is that now little is you can take advantage of this functionality while the manufacturers of accessories do not put hands to work. What Microsoft has done is to take the first step so that we can begin to use with Windows Phone watches as Pebble, cases such as the HTC Dot View that so-called smart bracelet would be prepared in Redmond.