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Miami Nightlife

Northern America

Miami never sleeps because when the sun goes down, the stars and starlets emerge. Many entertainment celebrities spend the balmy tropical evenings enjoying a glass of martini in the chic street cafes and bars before heading out to the lively clubs and countless reggae, merengue and salsa bars.

The nightlife mainly takes place in South Beach. Simply Red’s Prince and Mick Hucknall have opened nightclubs here in recent years, while local superstars Gloria Estefan and Ricky Martin have restaurant bars on Ocean Drive. The art deco buildings in South Beach, illuminated with bright yellow, blue, pink and purple neon lights, form the perfect light-hearted setting for Miami’s hedonistic night scene. In the evenings, the bars are filled with a dazzling, cosmopolitan crowd, and after midnight all of South Beach pulsates to the international rhythms of the club scene, one of the most interesting in America.

Bars close at around 1 a.m., night clubs at around 6 a.m. The legal age for the consumption of alcoholic beverages is 21 and it is advisable to have an ID with you. The minimum age of 21 is also required to enter Miami Beach clubs (including South Beach). In many clubs, the individual nights are often themed. Details and event notices can be found in the New Times or the Friday edition of the Miami Herald .

The Miami cultural scene is quite impressive with the Florida Grand Opera, the New World Symphony and the Jackie Gleason Theater of the Performing Arts. Good sources of event information are the local daily newspapers, especially the New Times and the Friday edition of the Miami Herald, as well as an excellent, daily updated event calendar on the Internet (Internet: with information on special events.
Tickets are available at the various venues and by telephone through the Ticketmaster ticket agency (Tel: (305) 358 58 85. Internet:

Cultural event

The Art Deco Weekend (Internet: is the world’s largest annual festival dedicated to the preservation of this very special style. It takes place in January and has a huge program of street theater, big band concerts and parades in South Beach. The Miami Film Festival (Internet:, which features films and videos by filmmakers from across the United States, as well as smaller, independent works, is held every spring (February and March).


Wet Willie’s

Wet Willie’s, 760 Ocean Drive, features a terrace, ocean views, and irresistible daiquiris with crushed ice.

Address: 760 Ocean Drive, Miami

Open-air bar at the Clevelander Hotel

The legendary open-air bar and dance club of the Clevelander Hotel, 1020 Ocean Drive, is very popular, with entertainment every night.

Address: 1020 Ocean Drive, Miami

News café

Gianni Versace enjoyed his last drink at the News Café, 800 Ocean Drive, one of the coolest bars (open 24 hours), before he was shot down on the steps of his villa, which is only two blocks away.

Address: 800 Ocean Drive, Miami


The very stylish Pearl, One Ocean Drive, is located directly on the beach and is a champagne bar for the rich and elegantly dressed.

Address: One Ocean Drive, Miami


Excellent rum punch is served in the wood-paneled Raleigh hotel bar, 1775 Collins Avenue.

Address: 1775 Collins Avenue, Miami


The Joia, 140 Ocean Drive, where Madonna celebrated her last birthday, is one of the current in-bars in South Beach.

Address: 140 Ocean Drive, Miami

Larios on the Beach

One of the current in-bars in South Beach is Gloria Estefan’s Larios on the Beach, 820 Ocean Drive, which has deadly mohitos (rum punch) and Cuban music every night.

Address: 820 Ocean Drive, Miami

Astor Place

Astor Place, 956 Washington Avenue, is known for its martinis.

Address: 956 Washington Avenue, Miami



The Miami club scene is only known when you have been at Liquid, 1532 Washington Avenue. This incredibly exclusive club counts Madonna among its regular guests and belongs to her best friend Ingrid Casares.

Address: 1532 Washington Avenue, Miami

Casa Salsa

A hot club and restaurant in South Beach is Casa Salsa, 524 Ocean Drive, owned by Latino heartbreaker Ricky Martin and playing Puerto Rican music.

Address: 524 Ocean Drive, Miami

Samba room

Things are very lively in the Samba Room, 1501 Collins Avenue, where various Latino music styles are played.

Address: 1501 Collins Avenue, Miami


George Clooney can be found in the eccentric Crobar, 1445 Washington Avenue, where angels hang on bungee ropes above the dance floor.

Address: 1445 Washington Avenue, Miami

Chili pepper

Worth a visit is the Chili Pepper, Streets of Mayfair Mall, 2911 Grand Avenue, one of the numerous dance clubs in Coconut Grove.

Address: Streets of Mayfair Mall, 2911 Grand Avenue, Miami


Nelly and Queen Latifah have already been spotted at Level, 1235 Washington Avenue, an old film palace that has been converted into a huge club.

Address: 1235 Washington Avenue, Miami


At Mynt, 1921 Collins Ave., not only is everything mint green, it also smells slightly of mint.

Address: 1921 Collins Ave., Miami

Nikki Beach Club

The Nikki Beach Club, 1 Ocean Drive, is very close to the beach, which is why many guests come in bikini or thong.

Address: 1 Ocean Drive, Miami

Opium Garden

An excellent Asian restaurant is attached to the dance club Opium Garden, 136 Collins Avenue, with its Far Eastern atmosphere. The club is visited by stars and people for whom the money is loose; Among other things, this open-air club operates in the form of an amphitheater Enrique Iglesias and Missy Elliot.

Address: 136 Collins Avenue, Miami

Live music

Café Nostalgia at the Forge

The latest Latino rhythms can be heard at Café Nostalgia at the Forge, 432 41st Street, Miami Beach. The restaurant has a small dance floor and its own band that plays authentic salsa music.

Address: 432 41st Street, Miami

La Covacha

One of the trendiest places in Miami for salsa, merengue and latino hip-hop is La Covacha, 10730 Northwest 25th.

Address: 10730 Northwest 25th, Miami

Mango’s Tropical Café

In the incredibly popular Mango’s Tropical Café, 900 Ocean Drive, you can play extravagant salsa in the style of South Beach and dance on tables and on the street.

Address: 900 Ocean Drive, Miami

Van Dyke Café

Live jazz and blues are available every night at the casual Van Dyke Café, 846 Lincoln Road, in Miami Beach.

Address: 846 Lincoln Road, Miami


Live jazz and blues are available every night at the more posh Jazz Club Jazid, 1342 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach.

Address: 1342 Washington Avenue, Miami

Classical music

Broward Center for the Performing Arts

The Florida Grand Opera is currently experiencing a renaissance, breaking all sales records with its repertoire of popular classics and lesser-known works at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, 201 SW Fifth Avenue, Fort Lauderdale.

Address: 201 SW Fifth Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Miami
Phone: (954) 462 02 22

New World Center

The New World Symphony, a unique orchestral academy in the United States, can be heard at the New World Center, 500 17th Street, from late September to early May. As the only symphony orchestra of its kind in the world, the New World Symphony trains talented graduates for music careers.

Address: 500 17th Street, Miami
Phone: (305) 673 33 31

To dance

Miami City Ballet at the Jackie Gleason Theater

Florida’s renowned and internationally known Miami City Ballet has a diverse repertoire of classic and contemporary productions and appears in various venues, including the Jackie Gleason Theater, 1700 Washington Avenue.

Address: 1700 Washington Avenue, Miami
Phone: (305) 673 73 00


Colony theater

South Beach is home to the intimate Art Deco-style Colony Theater, 1040 Lincoln Road, which hosts an exciting and diverse program of dance, theater, music and film.

Address: 1040 Lincoln Road, Miami
Phone: (305) 674 10 40

Jackie Gleason Theater of the Performing Arts

The Jackie Gleason Theater of the Performing Arts, 1700 Washington Avenue, is the premier Miami Beach venue for Broadway shows, concerts, and dance. In particular, the Florida Philharmonic, the Miami City Ballet, the Concert Association of Florida and other celebrated troops and orchestras perform here.

Address: 1700 Washington Avenue, Miami
Phone: (305) 673 73 00

Edge Theater

The Edge Theater, 405 Espanola Way, Miami Beach, is known for 20th century comedies and classics.

Address: 405 Espanola Way, Miami
Phone: (305) 531 60 83

Coconut Grove Playhouse

The Coconut Grove Playhouse, 3500 Main Highway, Coconut Grove, is a theater known in the United States for innovative productions.

Address: 3500 Main Highway, Miami
Phone: (305) 442 40 00

music and dance

Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts

The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts is home to the Concert Association of Florida, Florida Grand Opera, Miami City Ballet and the New World Symphony. It offers three halls in which ballet, opera and theater performances as well as sonfonie concerts take place.

Address: 1300 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami
Phone: (305) 949 6722


Gusman Center for the Performing Arts

The historic Gusman Center for the Performing Arts, 174 East Flagler Street, is a converted film palace from the 1920s. Numerous art performances are held here today, including the annual Miami Film Festival.

Address: 174 East Flagler Street, Miami
Phone: (305) 372 0925

Miami beach lifeguard hut