Matrix Activity Algebra Sports Watch

Matrix announces the PowerWatch a connected simple watch which has the main advantage to recharge through contact with your skin if you wear the watch, so it will not fall ever in battery bay!

This Matrix PowerWatch unfortunately disappointing in terms of functionality. Thus, it tells the time and offers physical activity tracker (and sleep). It’s bad for a first draft.

What attracts primarily (more than its rather plain design) is all about the technology used to recharge the internal battery: the thermoelectric power.

This type of energy has been known for a long time, but this is the first time it is used in a product as the general public!

It is the body heat that comes power the watch and charge the small battery 200 mAh. Besides, when you are not wearing the watch, it goes to sleep allowing it to keep the time and the information it has already accumulated.

Despite his frugal side, the watch is equipped with a small black and white screen of 1.2 inches which displays time, number of steps taken, calories burned and the amount of thermoelectric energy created.

By cons, you will neither notice nor permanent connection with your smartphone like sports LED watch defined on You can still retrieve information about your physical activity by synchronizing your watch with an application on your phone via Bluetooth 4 LE connection.

Simple, this watch could overshadow the classics from home Withings. However, his disappointing the design almost exclusively destined to sports fans. And in this market, there are alternatives that may be more attractive …

Fortunately, she has another asset: its price. Less than € 180 ($ 170 for the moment), this shows connected we do not need to recharge could come shake up the market.

Given that autonomy is one of the main obstacles to the development of the connected watch, we can say that Matrix is ​​perhaps strike a blow. Waiting to see what the reaction of competitors …