LG Watch Style Not Hides Its Two Colors

We have spent a week talking about the next generation of smart watches Google, which will come with Android Wear 2.0, and those who are being updated from the February 9. You have advanced that new devices will include a signed pair by LG, and we have even had the opportunity to check them out.

Will call LG LG and Watch Sport Watch Style, and as their names suggest, one will have a sportier, while the first orientation bet by dressing to the user. In fact we have two new images – with enough quality – Style model, making sure that there will be two versions depending on the material used: Silver and rose gold.

In little more than one week they will actually make, but as you can see from constructmaterials, there is little to discover

The LG Watch Style It is the smaller of the two models, with a display of 1.2 inch, with technology OLED and a resolution of 360 x 260 pixels. This single Watch, there is space for a button/wheel to the right of the Crown. It will be tough, certified IP67.

What is known of the Sports Watch is that will feature a screen OLED’s 1.38 inches, inside there is a resolution of 480 x 480 pixels. We can also see that there are a couple of buttons on the Crown which serve as additional control to the touch screen. This model will offer LTE/GPS connectivity and resistance IP68.

We don’t see sensors at the LG Watch Style, it seems that that will be a thing of the Sport model

Some more differences between models highlights are the amount of RAM, which stays in 512MB in the Style, and goes up to 768MB in the Sport. The battery is also larger in the Sport with 430mAh, by the small 240mAh.

What we are told is that these watches have been developed side by side between Google and LG, with the intention of creating greater integration of new services, as it is the case of the Google Wizard. On 9 February his official presentation will take place, and the next day they will go on sale in some markets.

Then you have an image of lower quality of the Sport, more forceful than the Style model, and we hope that with sensors to measure the necessary constants in sports activities: