Lenovo Projected 2.Smartwatch-Display on the Bracelet

At Smartwatches, there are currently two different approaches: equipment manufacturers use displays in the watches, in which all information is presented. Classic clock manufacturers rely rather on the system of smart straps, that is, the dial remains exactly the same, but a display is embedded in the bracelet, with which you can interact. Lenovo now introduces a technique that combines both.

The new technology is called “Magic View”, has the Lenovo on the this year’s Techworld in Beijing presented. The concept works like this: a small projector that radiates in the direction of the observer is located at the bottom of the clock case. This creates a picture, although no physical display is installed in the tape. Looking at this now at a certain angle, the user sees an image that has about 20 times size of the actually built-in display. So, it can be presented for example movies or cards in more sizes. We are curious whether and how Lenovo will use this technology in the future.