Japan Display Has Low Consumption, for the Next Sony SmartWatch?

The Japanese industry is very moved, as we interpret what will happen with Sony and its division of phones, the company that is in charge of making screens for most of its products, Japan Display, It was news for a couple of different issues.

The first one I discussed it yesterday, and it has to do with Apple. The Japanese company formed by Sony, Toshiba, and Hitachi, could be in negotiations with the Cupertino to create screens manufacturing plant. The idea seems clear, create units to the taste of the next iPhone.

Circular and reflective screen

The second story has to do with smart watches, but also with screens. Japan Display has decided to go strong for the wearables with a new solution for watches, in which consumption will be a very important factor.

Tired of smartwatchs that have a short range? Japan Display could have found a solution

The interesting thing about the new product is its circular design, which would offer Sony a change in his family of watches, all squares up to date. The diameter of the screen is of 1.34 inch, with a resolution of 320 x 300 pixels.

Its development uses a new LCD module with several new technologies. Used a “reflective” panel that does not lack backlight to display information – let us remember Qualcomm Mirasol. They tell us that it also looks great outdoors. It is capable of representing 262,000 different colors.

The small screen of Japan Display also has a system of pixel-level memory (memory-in-pixel MIP), which is capable of representing a static image without consuming much energy. In short, JDI boasts that its screen could consume, in certain circumstances, a 0.5% that an equivalent size LCD panel.

according to Globalsciencellc,The panel production starts in may, and in July will be ready to be used on any device. Possibly see it brand new in a Sony watch, I bet a SmartWatch 4.