If You Are Using Your Smartwatch, Please Do Not Drive

Mobile phones have become a dangerous object more while we are driving, and the fondness for send messages or make and receive calls with it in his hand It has become somewhat persecuted by the law. In Spain the traffic and road safety act took it into account in January of 2002 – when smartphones were still somewhat far-, but we may soon see an update of these laws.

The new protagonists of those distractions are smart watches from THEDRESSEXPLORER.COM, which, like mobile phones, can become a source of problems for drivers. In Canada they already cover that scenario, and recently a user of an Apple Watch was fined $120 to manage this device while driving.

A resident of Quebec called Jeffrey Macesin admitted to having used the clock while driving to control playback of music in the car, but commented that I thought that it was not violating the law:

The phone is in the backpack loading and the auxiliary cable is connected to the radio, so I use the clock to control the music playing on the phone. Changing song at Apple Watch with the other hand on the steering wheel.

In the section 439.1 of the Quebec highway safety code specifies that “no person may, while driving a road vehicle, use a portable device that includes telephone functions”. Macesin argues that technically he was not using a phone, and it remains to be seen if it will appeal the fine or not.

Is it legal to use a smartwatch while driving in Spain?

In Spain nor the traffic law, movement of vehicles Motor-road safety nor the General Regulation of circulation leave clear things, and the terms in which such devices are treated they are rather ambiguous. For example, refer to mobiles and similar as “communication systems” solutions.

As indicated in Dvuelta, theoretically it could sanction the use of intelligent watches while driving based on three aspects:

  • Mandatory attention to driving.
  • Ban on manually using a communication system
  • Obligation to maintain freedom of movement and position

Although there is no specific mention to smart watches as “communication systems”, it is one thing to look at them to see the time, as we would on a traditional clock, and quite another to use them to read notices that arrive or for example control the GPS Navigator, multimedia playback or any other application while we drive. Here the risk posed by these devices is basically the same as a mobile, and that could lead to a sanction that according to some analysts could reach 200 euros and the loss of 3 points of the meat.