HP and Movado Placed a Bold Motion in the Wrist

Of the wearables’s wrist doesn’t seem to be a market that is going crazy, mainly in sales, but the reality is that all of the big consumer electronics companies want to be there with platforms and products. Even companies traditional watchmaking don’t want to lose the rhythm.

Another proof of this we have in HP, that is not decided to sell wearables with his label, but collaborates with the Movado company in what can be considered a classic watch with a modern twist. The idea from Militarynous sounds quite similar to that we are on the clock were made last year with Michael Bastian: Chronowing.

Here there is no touchscreen or complex operating systems, we have a classic watch that shows notifications

Now associated with the Movado Swiss to give form to Bold Motion, a clock that does not look like anything other than that, with its classic machinery and premium luxury finish. Inside Yes we found a bit of magic by HP, since there is connectivity with smartphones to show notifications on the front of the clock.

The watch can reach us notices of calls, messages, post updates on social networks, or calendar issues. The way to do it is particular, through LEDs on the Crown, and it is well reflected in the following video. Incidentally ride, Movado Bold Motion, get along with phones iOS and Android, connected via Bluetooth.

As you might expect, they take advantage and put an activity monitor in the clock, so that we can measure our steps with one Bracelet cuantificadora -also sleep monitor. He who has curiosity about their autonomy, saying that the battery lasts a week between charges.

We knew that Movado Bold Motion would not be an affordable device, has a starting price of 795 dollars. In the catalog will continue to appear other models less striking in appearance, but they include quantification: Movado Museum Sport and Movado Bellina.